Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Things that are keeping me busy.

Turning this ^ into a bedroom that I wouldn't be ashamed to bring friends home to. It might interest you to hear that this photo was taken AFTER the initial tidy-up. And the initial tidy-up took two or three hours by itself. Phase one, emptying the room of its crap, is however nearly finished and soon the fun part can start!! I'm looking forward to buying paint, and new furniture and the like.

I've also hit a nice vein of writing efficiency, fiction-wise. So I'm burning the midnight oil in order to get some words down on paper and set me in good stead for when college starts again. Because if I feel busy now, that's nothing compared to how I'll feel with this, PLUS schoolwork. Although something tells me college will be different this year; its the last of seven years in the same place and I feel like it's our final swansong as a year.

So yeah. I feel busy.

What's keeping you busy at the moment?

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Amanda said...

School, bah. :)