Friday, 9 December 2011

10 things I've learnt in the last three months.

Look, I still exist!
I'm not reviving this blog, but it's nice to post here occasionally! Just as an update. Plus, I handed in my last essay yesterday and I only have feedback tutorials next week, so it's pretty much the Christmas holidays and the official end of my first term at uni! Let's flashback to a quote from a few months ago:

"My life so far has been fab, but eighteen years doing the same thing in the same place has made me lazy and comfortable and I need to change it up and challenge myself! I don't doubt moving on to uni will be terrifying and there will be scary moments and awkward moments and moments where I want to jack it in and go home and snuggle up with my mom. But I cannot wait."'s safe to say that things have been changed up! Moving to uni was a terrifying prospect...there were scary moments, there were awkward moments, there were moments when I wanted to jack it in and snuggle up my mom: turns out I have freakishly accurate powers of prediction. It's been amazing though: meeting new people, learning nothing but English Lit, (bliss.) cooking for myself, ignoring my laundry pile build up, locking myself in my room to get an essay done in time to go out. 

GPO: home

Anyway, here's a list of things I've learnt over the last term! 

1. The best essays are written slightly drunk. The worst essays are written incredibly hungover.
2. It's acceptable to use the same cutlery for two meals in a row without washing up.
3. Nerds. Are. Everywhere.
4. Ignore those letters from TV licensing. All 44 of them. Trust me, there is no investigation into your TV usage undergoing.
5. Who holds the Cheesy Puffs on the way back from the supermarket holds the power.
6. Time yourself so that you're taking home a suitcase of dirty clothes. Laundry is always easier when it's free.
7. Stock up on Ben and Jerry's when it's on special offer, in preparation for essay deadlines, mental breakdowns and bonding sessions.
8. Make friends with a music student and attend their concerts, so you'll have something cultured to tell your parents about on Skype.
9. Always have alcohol in case of casual drinks or unexpected nights out.
10. It doesn't matter how bloody terrible your essays are.
     i) Because first year doesn't count towards your degree
     ii) Because even when you do get a degree, it'll be in English Literature anyway, rendering you basically     unemployable.

Future home?
I have a sudden urge to blog again, so there may or may not be some posts in the future...until then, I have to tidy my room for when my sister visits :/

It's going to be a long day.
Auf wiedersehen, folks!
Emma x