Saturday, 20 December 2008

I broke a personal record today,

and got up at 3.07 pm.
That's my latest time ever :):)
I'm pretty happy about that.

Monday, 15 December 2008

CHRISTMAS wish list :)

I've been browsing again *guilty face*
So anyway, here's what I want.
I'm talking pricey.

Number one. Paul's Boutique bag. Specifically this one. My God. Isn't it beautiful?

Blue 3rd generation iPod Nano. I'm actually getting this one! Which is good timing, because I've finally run out of space on my old one :)

Union jack bag. Or...anything union jack, or should I say Union Flag? It's another bag, I know, but it's pretty!
Wishful thinking, I guess but this skirt would be SO NICE if I had the legs for it!!

I may have mentioned this one before...but its SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Anyway, Happy Christmastime everyone!! (I refuse to say christmas, it isn't christmas yet)

Emma x


also, these please :D

what, I can't have a dream??

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Peacock Feathers

I have a physical inexorable need for PEACOCK FEATHERS.

I want a peacock feather bag like this.

Is it not BEAUTIFUL?
Sadly, the rest of the world hasn't caught onto peacock feathers.
Meaning I can't buy em anywhere.


Tuesday, 9 December 2008


what's interesting about the world?

Barack Obama?
I'm reluctant to say it, but he's just a guy.

To invest or not in leopard print?
Hold the front page!

To revise or not, now there's a question.
To revise, of course.

The result of my *meagre* revision just means that I now translate my thoughts into French as I go along, to save embarrassment.
Because accidentally talking in French de temps en temps isn't embarassing AT ALL.

It's only happened twice though.
And it was Franglais.

I read a good book recently...

15 sleeps till christmas!!

Monday, 24 November 2008

Play Ball

Or don't.

S'up to you.

Christmas is in like, a month and a day.


Nothing to report,

except that I officially like French. And my English anthology.

*anticipates tomato throwing*

god knows why, to be honest.


My broken clothes show tix came today!! Woothausen.

And uh...I forgot to put earrings in this morning?

AITE so, a story?

*has a think*

I'll get back to you on that one.

Rounding off with the delectable Jack Sparrow,


Twilight comes out on the 19th of December...which also happens to be the day I have off due to mocks being fini.
We are OFFICIALLY gonna go early.
And we're making t-shirts :)

*twilight nerd*

Monday, 10 November 2008

Why I'm useless at blog-mc-blogging.


Anyway, Clothes Show Live!

I'm going.

Except, I'm on row Z.
Squint and you might see me.

So I was thinking, today, and then I was writing. And then I was thinking some more.

That was pretty exciting.

I think I might paint my nails this evening.

Oh, the life I lead.

To be honest...I probably have homework. And if I don't, I should probably be revising.'s BORINGGGG.

And I have better things to do, like write meaningless circular blogs.

I have to give back my copy of the Merchant of Venice :,( it's my inspiration! Well. One of.

My sister made chocolate cake. Oh my god, you've never tasted anything so hot. In a non-chilli-pepper way.

To round off, rock on twiglet.

got yop?

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Console.WriteLine("Hello World");

Ignore the title. Its a nerdy old tradition of mine :)

So, blog-alog-alonging.

I have what one could call a "strong internal monologue"
I walk along the street kind of...narrating my life in my head.
So I guess I'll be writing the narrative here.
As if I would.
Just the less private parts :)

Ooh, private parts *giggles*

Did I mention I have the worst sense of humour on this godforsaken earth?

You'll find out soon enough.

^ Juno is teh sex, nay? ^