Saturday, 14 August 2010

Okay, I'm ready. [Inception spoilers ahead]

I've been thinking through Inception for three days now, and I think I'm finally ready to write it out! All pictures are c/o my Tumblr, meltedthedashboard and the original sources are all on there should you want them!

 Inception. Really, where do I start? I suppose the thing that stood out for me was the way that yeah, it could have been cliche. The characters were a little overdone; on paper the plot is terrible. (It's about these guys who go into dreams and steal things! I wrote a similar book when I was twelve, it was called Rainbow Dreams and it was freaking awesome.)
But the beautiful fact was, Inception wasn't cliche. I walked out thinking wow, that was good. I didn't even due my usual in-film analysis; "that's been done before...seen that...God, that was terrible."
I just got wrapped up in the film. For me, that's pretty unusual.
But did the top fall? That's the question. I've heard mucho speculation on the subject. I genuinely don't care: Cobb obviously sorted out his issues with Mal in that speech in Limbo, so wherever he is it's the right place. Whether that's the 'real' world or not doesn't matter.
Whilst I'm on the subject of Cobb, I reckon its a tribute to Leonardo DiCaprio's acting skills that I actually sympathised with him. I felt like his character had lots of different angles. I distinctly remember thinking that in the cinema. What the angles were escapes me now, but never mind.
And here's a bonus: I didn't get hacked off with Joseph Gordon-Levitt! Which is unusual because he gets on my nerves, as a general rule. Actually, I almost admired his character.
I'm in two minds about the Arthur/Ariadne dynamic, too. Trying to decide if the seriously subtle-ness of their relationship is a) stylish and fitting with the concept of a plot-driven, action film or b) Chris Nolan going "hey, let's throw the suggestion of a romance in so that fangirls can imagine they're Ariadne and go gaga over JGL."
Same with the lack of backstory. We get a vague reference to "military experiments" but not a whole lot else - no explanation of how anyone got into the extraction business, no background knowledge of Eames, or Arthur, or Ariadne. In fact, anything that doesn't contribute to the plot doesn't exist. (Which is why we get Cobb's backstory. It pretty much drives the whole thing.) Again, I don't know if that's a good thing. Part of me says yes! Finally! A non-mushy film with substance!
But then the cynical half of me points out that the whole thing centres around Cobb and Mal and their undying, tragic love story.
Puke. Romance bores me.

So that's my basic, underlying impressions of Inception. Feedback welcomed, contradiction welcomed, another post will probably come up later because hey, I'm a little obsessed.

Emma x 

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Ace-Of-Aoife. said...

I'm not sure I'd be able to handle Inception - my friend coudn't follow it..
And I had trouble following Toy Story :L