Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Son of Rambow

Today I watched, laughed at and cried at Son of Rambow. Which is a film. Again, all images c/o my Tumblr which are c/o other Tumblrs...enjoy.

First things first, are you aware that Will Poulter (i.e. Lee Carter in the film) is THE SAME AGE AS ME?? That means he was 14 when the film was filmed. He looks older, no?

Anyway, if you're up for a light-hearted but surprisingly profound film for a Sunday afternoon, look no further because Son of Rambow is perfect. Given the plot - two kids decide to film a film, one from an obscure Christian cult and the other a lonely, mischevious miscreant...eh, it looks boring. But it isn't! And that's one of the best things about this film - somehow we're fascinated by their pointless meanderings through Rambo, more so than Will's family troubles, or even Lee's. Well i was, anyway. And the ending! Oh, I cried like a baby. It was so poignantly beautiful - not one of those enormous, earth-shaking revelations but just a simple expression of love between brothers. Ah, it was so lovely.

Also, a happy coincidence when this guy's face popped up on the screen:


Anyway, it's a really good film. 5 stars, recommended and reviewed.

Maybe this has even been my best film of all time.

Emma xxx

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Becca said...

Aww, cute kid. Never heard of the movie but I better be on the lookout for it now :)