Sunday, 24 January 2010

Things That Make My Teeth Hurt

Overpressured showers.
My dog.The new version of Firefox.All of these things give me immense dental aches.
Suggestions for cures to this unusual ailment welcomed.

Monday, 18 January 2010

Miscellaneous: Revolving Doors, Skewbism, and the other thing I keep forgetting.

There's something highly mundane I wanted to discuss here, but I forgot what. Which is really annoying because it makes a totally scintillating blog. It'll come to me.
HOWEVER, I do have a collection of other exciting things to talk about!

First on the agenda: revolving doors.
Have I discussed them before?
Yes, I have. Okay, second on the agenda then!

Oh, but that's a depressing point.
Screw it, it's got to be put in amongst some whimsicalities or you'll all get bored.

I'll save it for later, guysies.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Things I Wish

I could tell the good people of Tesco, Knowle.

1. No, till 1 is no different from any of the other trolley tills. We accept cash, credit cards, baskets, trolleys, those stupid wheely baskets and, if you want to, you can use bags.

2. I have no opinion on the proposed new Waitrose, whatsoever. Stop asking me.

3. The next time you forget something whilst you're in the queue, you might want to think about telling me. Yes, I saw you smack your forehead then walk off, but it's common courtesy to apologise before you leave me sitting there like a lump of sugar with a queue of people behind me.

4. Just because I'm offering help with your packing, doesn't mean I enjoy packing. "If you want to" is not an appropriate response.

5. When words come out of my mouth, they are addressed to you. Kindly answer them.

6. The phone call can wait. Please. I sit here 8 hours a day and I would prefer to actually communicate with my customers.

7. If you don't bring your own bags, you do not have my respect. I don't care if it's unfair, OWN BAGS ARE SO MUCH QUICKER!

8. Opening bags is not that difficult. If you have a problem with it, ask me. Please, I can do it in seconds without trying, it's all I ever do.

9. If there are only small bags out, we've run out of big bags. Likewise, no I do not have a secret stash of Telegraphs, milk, or bread. I'm sorry if we've run out, but I'm not actually involved in the ordering of stock. That's because I'm 16 and I work one day a week. STOP COMPLAINING.

10. No, we do not have any wine carriers.

That will be all :)

Monday, 11 January 2010

Sad Times

Remember ages ago when I posted a long and angsty post about how my life sucked, and then I found my ipod and all was good again?
(Think prominent members of russian government dressed up as people from the medical profession, if that helps.)

I've got to walk all the way to the bus stop then do an hours bus journey alone, without it, and I don't know what to do.


Sunday, 10 January 2010

Snow Angels

This isn't me, because a) I'm not black, b) the snow isn't that deep here. However, it is snowing and I love making snow angels. Because you lie on the floor (touching feet with your BFFs) and then you're, I've never seen this part of town from this angle. Weird.
And then you feel a bit high and Luna Lovegood-y, and then you get up and run for the bus, vaulting over the fence in the park and knocking over year 7s like skittles.

I do love snow.

For Year 7 context, see this:

"In Australia, year 7's are the most annoying little turds on the face of this nation. "

The same is true for the UK. Sad times.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Review: Fallen, by Lauren Kate

Have I ever told you about my pet peeve in books? And films, and music, and any other sort of pop culture really. It's beautiful boys. Or, more specifically, girls who call boys beautiful. It's sappy, it's cheesy, and above all it's SO unrealistic! How many of you have ever looked at your boyfriend and gone "oh, you're so beautiful, Randy!" Thought it, maybe, if you're proper lucky, but no-one ever says it.

The relationship between Luce and Daniel is like that. He's an angel, quite literally, and she's a mortal who is drawn inexplicably to him, but he keeps pushing her away. For her own good.

The cynical among you might be pushing the TWILIGHT button here. I'd imagine the comparisons between Daniel and Edward, Luce and Bella, Cam and Jacob are one of the reasons this book has been so highly publicized.

That said, it's not Twilight. The plot is more complex, more unique, the writing is more high-level...and yet, I didn't get the tingles I got after I read Twilight for the first time. So in a sense, they're equal and opposite to each other. Equally good, but for different reasons.

Oh, I'm being unfair only reviewing it in comparison to Twilight, aren't I? Because they are very different, and having been on Lauren Kate's website it doesn't feel like she's a "let's churn out a supernatural fantasy and jump on the Twilight bandwagon" sort of lady. I like her.

Plot-wise, it's great. The twist with Miss Sophia had me agape (agape. nice word) and it was all very well knitted together, flowed nicely, worked nicely.

The best thing about Fallen, in my humble opinion, is the side characters. Arianne was a hoot, Penn was just adorable, Randy is certainly going to be an intriguing character, CAM! Oh my God, I'd go to the dark side for him. Gabbe, and Molly, and ohh I was sad about Todd :( Luce is alright, as well, she has a bit of spunk about her that will be interesting.

Oddly enough, it's only Daniel I'm not bothered about... maybe because he's blonde, I just can't get into blondes. There's a long anecdote that goes with it but it's boring.

Summary: worth the read. I enjoyed it. Ta-ra.

Emma x

Sunday, 3 January 2010


Things I can do:

Fight for my country
Pay for my country
What I cannot do:

Decide what to fight for or where my money goes.

Suggested solution:
Votes at 16.

Or don't make me pay tax when I get my payrise.