Friday, 20 August 2010

It would seem,

That I am now a follower of my own blog.
That's cool because it means I can see how my blog looks in Google Reader.

Secondly, my dog is asleep on my feet.

My webcam faffing woke her up, but you get the point. Her face is so expressive, I love that.
Anyway, I've been a little short on posts this week. Sorry. Nothing's really happened :) but here's Fill In the Blank Friday to make up for everything :)

1. My favorite current TV show is: Sherlock on BBC. I know it was only a 3 episode pilot, but it does fine for me eccentric-and-oddly-attractive-man fix whilst Dr Who is off air. And it's awesome as well. And Tumblr loves it. So plenty to reblog.
2. The TV character I can relate to most is: My sister shouts "SHELDON" but I disagree. Some bumbling fool with her nose in a book I guess.
3. My life is like (fill in with TV show and why)...: Outnumbered, because we're hilariously disfunctional as a family. Although we're a bit older than Karen and Ben.
4. My all time favorite TV show is: Such a hard question. I'm going to have to be a nerd and say Torchwood. DRAMADRAMA.
5. A TV show that is ridiculously stupid, but I continue to watch is: Britain and/or America's Next Top Model. They're utter reality tv fodder; oh and they're awesome. Also Charmed still entertains me when it's on. Oh and Dating in the Dark which is exactly what it says on the tin and is pretty hilarious.
6. My favorite TV couple is: Amy and Rory from Dr Who, Finn and Rachel from Glee (they're cute. I don't care if it's cliche)
7. One TV episode I could watch over and over again is: Not only do I not know the answer to this, I've lost the will to think. Sorry fellaz :)

Have a nice week!

Emma x


Miss Vintage Vixen said...

You. Have. A. Tumblr. And. I. Didn't. Know. What.

Must. Know.

Amy & Rory! {But I still desire Amy & The Doctor...}

Ace-Of-Aoife. said...

Amy & Rory!!
I love them, but Rory always seems a bit lost. Great post :D