Thursday, 5 August 2010

And I never even mentioned housefestival,

which was epic, by the way. A few pictures that say it all: kicking back with the pixar crew:

Mike Wasowski, one of the Incredibles, Wall-E, another Mike, the dentist from Finding Nemo, me (Jessie from Toy Story) and Carl from Up.

Wall-E and I teaching dance to the smallbees in my house. Specifically the Year 9s who are an absolute nightmare. Doing music with years 7 and 8 was MUCH more fun because they're up for the challenge, but trying to get 9 and 10 motivated is just impossible.

Me with my friends outside the VI form block. Points and cookies if you can name the ones with active costumes!

Basically, a short synopsis, we spend House Festival organising a bunch of activities for the lower years, which is an enormous task that causes us crazy stress and immense euphoria when it all comes off. Sadly, our house came second by two points which still burns a little, because we deserved to win!

Still, it was a fantastic way to round off the term.
No matter how unchronological my postings are tonight.

Well thanks for listening folks, I'm watching Deep Impact and it's getting a little preachy.

Emma x

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