Sunday, 24 June 2012

Emma did THINGS this week.

Part of the reason I never update this blog is because for most of my life, I don't really *do* anything...I watch films or play Settlers with my friends, hit the pub a couple of nights a week and then go out once or twice too.

This week I actually DID STUFF though, and I am SO TIRED right now but it's been SO worth it!

On Wednesday my friend and I woke up at the ridiculous early time of 5am to get a coach into London to see Les Miserables in London. My friend is a massive Les Mis fan and kept rambling on and on and on about how wonderful it would be but I was kind of sceptical.  How good could one musical really be?

Answer: SO. FREAKING. GOOD. It was one of those plays which gave me aaaaall of the emotions, and the performances were all incredible, especially Geronimo Rauch, who played Jean Valjean. He constantly ble my mind, and also had an awesome name...I mean, Geronimo. Fantastic! 

We got limited view seats which were something ridiculous like £12 a ticket, obscenely cheap although the view was awful and we did end up moving forwards a row to some empty seats with a better view. Admittedly I did end up spending £20 on merchandise, a tenner on food and £20 on coaches to and from but still, it was well worth it for a fantastic day out.

We got back from London at 5am the next morning, and just 3 short hours later I got up again to go to Scarborough with my college. Again, it was ridiculously cheap: £4 return including entry to a club when we got back to York. Plus there was the added bonus of the trip taking place on my 19th birthday! Predictably the weather was rained and was ridiculously windy, but between crouching under a damp, dripping pier, taking periodic shelter in pubs, drinking foul wine in the rain, and fighting with plastic swords on a drizzly beach I actually had a pretty awesome time. Also two and a half bacon sandwiches for breakfast because fuck it, it was my birthday. YOLO. 

So that was my birthday part one. In the evening we went out, which was only remarkable for two, I didn't finish my end-of-the-night McDonalds (that NEVER happens) and two, for the third morning in a row I found myself walking home through town, in the broad daylight, at 5am. I discovered a sudden hatred for the dawn chorus.

York is home to the world's most beautiful concrete spaceship. Aint it beautiful?
Then came the weekend and the arrival of my mom and aunt - I had no idea, but it turns out when my aunt came to my university 32 years ago, she lived practically above me, in the same block...what are the odds! Apparently my block itself has barely changed, which doesn't surprise me at certainly looks like a circa  1980 building! The rest of the university is apparently quite different though. 

Apart from seeing the university again, my mom also came up to take all my stuff home for the summer...although I'm here for another week, my room feels so empty right now with my wall of stuff gone and all my bookshelves empty. I can't understand how anyone would live in a house without books, it feels so loooooooonely in here :( all I have is enough clothes to last a week, a week's worth of frozen meals to eat and enough clothes to last me still Friday. SIGH.

I have such mixed feelings about going home! I'm really, really going to miss everyone, especially as my best friend at uni is American so even a visit is going to be, two more of my american friends are going home for good, which is really, really sad :( but equally seeing my home friends is going to be fab, I'm looking forward to some alone time (it's a truth universally acknowledged that there's no privacy in Eric A) and I get to eat for FREE :D  

Last night I got to try Thai food for the first time, has changed my life forever. So freaking good! There's just so many flavours!

I think potentially I may have freaked my mom and my aunt out by the sex noises I was making every time I took a bite, but dayum. That is good food. 

Aaand now I'm moulding in my jammies, watching Avatar: The Last Airbender and eating my last easter egg. It's been a long and knackering week and I need a break! 

On the plus side, I don't have to pack now. Huzzah!

Emma xx

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

So just to clarify, I have:

  • No money. Like, 0 money. 
  • A stress-eating habit that is not going away.
  • Two presentations over the next two days, neither of which I am prepared for at ALL. 
  • It's 2AM
  • I'm ill
  • I'm tired.
  • But I have to write a conclusion for a presentation I don't understand, research a topic I don't give a shit about 

Time to get to work.