Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Oh, one more thing before I go to bed.

I was just watching this (totally legally...) on the youtube and I was weeping so hard my eyes actually sting. I don't even mean it in a "omg crying now guise thanks" way, I mean genuine tears.

Know why? Because Andy is leaving for college, and I'm leaving for uni (grades permitting) and it's just too much. Not that I have a Woody to give away, or anything, but leaving behind my cosy little life for pastures new is so...scary and so sad! I'm never going to be the same again.

It doesn't help that I've just been youtube-ing the death of Ianto (what, you haven't watched it? well that's your own fault for not being on the ball. WATCH IT NOW, YOUR LIFE WILL FEEL HOLLOW AND EMPTY WHEN YOUR FAVOURITE CHARACTER IS GONE) and now I'm just plain melancholy.

Basically I'm a classic Cancerian* who needs to get a life and stop watching miserable clips at 10 past 1 in the morning, but heigh ho.

Emma x

*Technically I'm on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, WHATEVA.

Well hello there ladies,

I just noticed two new followers!

As I've mentioned before, this is not a big deal for most people, but for me it is. Because when you go nearly two years with three followers, the rest seem to have AVALANCHED in. So I will introduce myself, because that's the polite thing to do when you "meet" new people.

Seriously, why don't I get emails about this sort of thing?

Anyway, here is me :

The reason I choose this photo: my tights are baggy, I'm wearing no shoes, I'm wearing my favourite gigantic jumper, my hair is sick (its less red than that now) and I'm pulling an awkward pose. Which is just classic Emma behaviour.

I'm 17, and I live in grande olde England, Birmingham to be exact. I study English, French and History and I want to do a degree in English, hopefully at Cambridge if all goes to plan. I have a tendency to spend an obscene amount on necklaces I don't need and books I've already read. I'm an atheist and I dislike the government - I warn you of this in advance because I tend to spiel off into incoherent rants. I post semi-occasionally here, but life gets in the way alot. If you're desperate for your Emma fix, you can find me on tumblr. I love books. I will probably yadder on about books all day if you let me. When it comes to fandoms I'm infinite. But specifically, Harry Potter, Narnia, Sherlock, Merlin, Inception, Torchwood, Doctor Who, and Spooks :D

ANYWAY THAT'S ME, please excuse the self-gratuitous "I'm important" nature of this post, I thought you might want to know okay.

So, new followers (and old followers too :P) I would like to know more about you. Name, ASL if you want, things you like, things you hate. You're up. Boom x

Guys who I'd jump into bed with without even thinking about it.

Today is lazy day. Today is pyjamas, biscuits and Tumblr'ing day. Today is also watching music channels today. And up pops, in quick succession, Bruno Mars and Paolo Nutini.

Bruno Mars was yeah, amazing song, adorable sentiments, mild melting.
Paolo comes up and like every time I hear his voice I MELT FASTER THAN PRINCE PONDICHERRY'S CASTLE.

Which brings me to The List, an occasional serial in which I drool over fit men who I would sleep with even if they killed a puppy.
As long as it wasn't my puppy.

1) Paolo Nutini
He has a voice like a God, a face like an angel, and there's basically nothing about him that isn't sex. Except possibly his secret addiction to horse porn or penchant for legwarmers. NOTHING I KNOW ABOUT, ANYWAY. Instead of following up a hit album with more of the same, Paolo makes an album of unintelligible old-man-of-the-woods music, and even though with anyone else we'd be having  a WTF moment, with Paolo it does not matter. Anything that comes out of his mouth is sex. Even Ron-style slug vomit.

And on that pleasant note, I leave you. In fact, no, I leave you with this.

Friday, 22 October 2010

Well I haven't done anything in a while, have I?

So I'll fill in the blanks, because it's been a while. Cheers Lauren!

1.   I am: generally a nice person, a dreamer, and a bit of a dope to be honest :)
2.  I wish: I wasn't so prickly. I can be very prickly, mostly through shyness and confusion over what's socially appropriate, and that makes people think I'm standoffish. I'm working on it though. 
3.  I like: YOU. Also cheekbones, hair dye, old books, men's clothes, falling asleep, quoting Harry Potter in every day conversation, maps, curly hair, decorating my room and feeling artistique, Merlin, Spooks, Gossip Girl, Dr Who, Torchwood, bed, dressing gowns, shopping...lots of things, really :)
4.  I can  hardly wait 'til: Half term! More specifically, BNTM live this Sunday. It's gonna be EPIC. Me and my sister are schlepping down to London for a day of frolics and fun :D
5.  I hope: that I'm gonna be happy in life. There's so much of my life ahead of me and soooo  many opportunities to screw it up but yeah...I don't want to. So hope-sy hoping. I guess it's in my hands anyway, which is good.
6.  I think: too much. See question 2.
7.  I was: and am and always will be.


Seriously, though, haven't I been lax about keeping you up to date this week? 
As a side note, my parents just burst into an Italian-type song in perfect discord and it's ridiculous.
I've been trying to get to bed earlier, that's why. It shows how old I'm getting really; I used to not go to bed until 2am and still spring out at 7 the next morning with only a little reluctance. Whereas now, the sleepiness and the general fatigue just sticks with me. 
SO, now I go to bed at like half 10. Which, when you're dancing till half 8, leaves me very little time. And somehow this blog is what's suffered, which is very sad. Apols, ladies, I'll be back to full functionality over the next week!

Emma x

Friday, 15 October 2010


Is my header too big? It is, isn't it?

Okay, I need to rant.

I'm sorry in advance, because this is likely to be one of my incoherent, fuck-the-universe type rants.


I don't even care that it limits the amount of people who do a degree. I understand, I do, that the value of a degree  has devalued and there's a shocking ratio of graduates:graduate career paths. But do you not see what you're doing? Effectively, the poor will no longer be able to afford an education, at least not without risking massive debt in the future (something those accustomed to being in debt will want to avoid.) So the poor don't get an education (or get a poor one at a less expensive university), aren't qualified for graduate jobs and remain poor, whilst the rich can afford to go to the best universities in the country and yeah...get richer.
The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, in what universe is that fair?

Can I just point out that the generation of students this will affect have yet to earn a paypacket, let alone claim benefits or waste money or anything. In no way could the deficit ever be their fault.
Can I also point out that clever people often spring up from poor backgrounds. Yes, those who can afford a private education often do better but so too do children from strong working class backgrounds who've striven AGAINST THE ODDS to get good grades. My parents couldn't afford private education, but if I can just take a minute to show you my academic record...12A*s at GCSE, 3 AS levels and one A2 level (all at A grade) and yeah, I'm predicted 2A* and an A. But if the fee change affected me (thank god it doesn't) I genuinely would be struggling with uni fees next year.
In fact I wouldn't go, as a matter of principal.

What angers me the most is that it's all basically a cover for government cuts. In essence, the government wants to cut funding to higher education because of the massive fucking deficit that wasn't even my FOURTEEN YEAR OLD SISTER'S FAULT. And I know the cuts have to come somewhere, but why there? Surely there's a way of making cuts that is fair to everyone, that doesn't prioritise the rich and fuck up the poor for generations to come.
Just a theory.

Emma x

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


You've probably heard of Shakespeare and Company, to be honest, but I only just discovered it - it's an English-language bookshop on the Left Bank in Paris, and it looks wonderful. The original S&co was frequented by the likes of Hemingway and Pound,
and now,
and now,
they offer young writers and artistes (known as "Tumbleweeds") a bed for a few hours behind the tills. The middle picture shows one of the places they sleep.


I am so jealous right now.

And the other thing I like about Shakespeare and Co is the way it's american-run, but they spell Shakespeare the english way. Oh, love.

Monday, 11 October 2010


I do not understand.
Oh, one of them is me, of course. But the other 5 of you...hi, when did you all appear?

(Don't laugh at me for having such a pitiful amount of followers. Actually, you can if you want since it is pretty bad.)

Secret: I can be really annoying.

Anyway, shall I do a round-up of how things are going for me?

Since we last spoke *checks* I've read Great Expectations, Keep the Aspidistra Flying, Tess of the d'Urbervilles, The Mill on the Floss and I'm halfway through All Quiet on the Western Front; hopefully I'm going to finish that tonight.

I've acquired a stalker, he's half-Turkish, ugly and fucking creepy; hopefully he'll get the picture after I've ignored every text and fb message he's sent me this week.

I've done approximately TWENTY BAZILLION HOURS of dance in preparation for a show, a competition AND an exam, and discovered the costumes for the competition are...absolutely foul, if I'm honest. Well no, they're pretty attractive if you're built like a rake, but I am not shaped for stretchy lycra hotpant leotard bajingos, okay?

It's like this but not.

Not that I'm fat. I feel the need to add that. I just have big boobs.
(Apologies, new-ish followers. I don't have an off switch.)

"Actually, that's a lie, I'm never going to look like Keira Knightley, because my boobs are roughly the size of her head."

April this year, see what I mean? 

I've discovered that, based on a tariff score of 300, I've actually already got into my 5th choice uni without having to take my final year exams. SCORE. 

Oh yeah, I've snuck some school-work in there too. I'm a regular Maggie Tulliver check out my literary references, Cambridge, you want me yeah!!

And that's all I really have to say. Except essential blog maintenance, I SOLEMNLY SWEAR that I am up to no good that I will change my header so it isn't so square and ugly, AND write a post about classical music that I ACTUALLY LIKE, and do something else interesting by the end of the week.

Insert obligatory blog-end question here. Tell me about your life if you like.

Cheers :)

Emma x

Saturday, 9 October 2010

Here’s to the man who invented stairs
And taught our feet to soar!
He was the first who ever burst
Into a second floor.
The world would be downstairs to-day
Had he not found the key;
So let his name go down to fame,
Whatever it may be.
– Oliver Herford, Happy Days, 1917

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

British, young, blogful?

I don't know if any of you'll be interested, but this just pinged into my inbox: Channel 4 are looking for the Best Young Blogger. Have a look. You never know.

What do you reckon? Worth going for? Personally I'm not sure I've got the time, the inclination or the talent, but if inspiration strikes I might give it a shot :)