Wednesday, 25 August 2010

A little link that turned into a long and kind of uplifting rant.

This post by Galadarling had me pumping the air with my fist going "YEAH BABY! THAT'S WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT!"

Well I didn't, because a) my family would think I'm weird and b) when you make loud noises my dog thinks you're a predator and starts leaping around trying to bite you.

But I agree so badly! I'm sick to death of thinking about what I eat all the time; and I have a healthy attitude to food. Or so I'm told. I wouldn't like to think about what's going through the mind of the rest of you.

Eating disorders are so damaging; it would just be nice to have a healthy, happy attitude as a whole. Don'tcha think?

Here's a fact: I'm 9st10lbs. I have no idea if I'm fat or thin, if I'm healthy or unhealthy, but that's me and I'm not taking it back.

Let me clarify: I didn't post that figure to boast or evoke pity. I'm not joking, I seriously have no idea if that's a good or bad figure for me. Some days I lie in bed feeling my belly thinking "God, I could be pregnant," and some mornings I look in the mirror in my bra and think "hey...that's not so bad." Bottom line? It doesn't matter! I'm happy, and I genuinely believe that's what people see. Not my oddly misshapen nose, on the bad side, or even good things like my boobs or my hair.

It's no coincidence that soon after I realised I wasn't hideously disfigured (and I spent a while thinking that!) people started referring to me in words I never would have used to describe myself. Confident. Bubbly.

I mean BUBBLY, wtf? I've been called bubbly three times over the summer holidays and I cannot begin to tell you how weird that is for me. Because I genuinely saw myself as socially inept, and now I'm starting to think...hey, maybe that can change.

{for credit and more photos from this guy, follow the link! read the post! you know you want to}

Gala's post isn't really anything new. Girls are always going to worry about their weight, and how they look, and how ugly they are. But it reminded me how important it is to enjoy what you eat. So fuck it, I'm gonna go grab a Mars Bar now.

Seriously, am I about to hit a very late growth spurt? Because I am STARVIN' MARVIN.

Emma xo.

PS. Seriously, did I just psychobabble myself into a mars bar??

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