Tuesday, 31 August 2010


So as I touched on yesterday, I'm doing a 15-day handwriting challenge that I ripped from Tumblr...for those of you unfamiliar to howevermany-day challenges, they basically keep the blogger entertained for a month whilst also boring readers to tears. The concept's pretty simple. I expect you'll understand.
So! Here is the challenge:

Day 1- What do you think of your handwriting?
Day 2- Handwrite your tumblr name alongside your real name, take a pic
Day 3- Handwrite your favorite quote
Day 4- Handwrite your bestfriends name
Day 5- Do you prefer printing or handwriting? Whats your opinion between the two
Day 6- Handwrite your favorite song/ song quote
Day 7- Handwrite whatever you want with a blue/red pen
Day 8- Handwrite your worst pet peeve
Day 9- Handwrite something that always catches your attention
Day 10- Handwrite all the websistes you’re updated with.
Day 11- Handwrite your name using your left/right hand, opposite of what you normally use.
Day 12- Try writing about how your handwriting can define you or not
Day 13- Handwrite your tumblr crushes
Day 14- Handwrite “Hello”
Day 15- Handwrite whatever you want and use different colored pens filling up the whole piece of paper.

Okay? So here's day one:

So there we go. The beginning of a beautiful fortnight's adventure!

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