Friday, 23 July 2010


On neccessity and invention, loud 14 year olds and summer.

Part one
When the six loudest teenagers in the world come together, they make a noise roughly equivalent to the Storming of the Bastille.
All six of those teenagers are now in my living room.
Go away small people.


I genuinely hope I misinterpreted that one.

Part two
There is a shocking lack of food in this house, but for once I am not complaining! The only savoury food left is one egg, a bag of potatoes, two carrots and some free samples of Boursin.

Du vin, du pain, du Boursin.
If these two had done as I have and stuck a few carrots into the mix, their eyesight might have improved sufficient enough to see the WHACKING GREAT DU TRACTEUR in the next scene. Just a theory.

Neccessity being as it is the mother of invention, I'm tucking into a delicious snack of carrots and Boursin.

Thoughts: Boursin on its own is disgusting, because it is smelly and smelly cheese is rank. However, with carrots, it is nice. Really nice, in fact.

So in conclusion, huzzah for parrots.

Carrots. You know what I mean.

Over and out.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

So apparently it is raining,

Here is an overlong reason why I am thoroughly unattractive at this moment, from feet up.

I went walking the dog without checking the weather first, more fool me! I was wholly unprepared, voila my ensemble:

- Suede boots.I mean, come on. They have a hole in the left heel.
- I stood on a thorn this morning which is causing me EXTRA pain and I keep limping like a gay.
- Jeggings. Wet through within seconds.

- I wore a white shirt that goes wholly see-through in the rain. I mean, cling film, Mr Darcy levels of see-throughness except more miserable and entirely less sexy.
- In a tiny nod of deference to the weather, I had a tiny little black summer cardigan on. Yeah, that was useful.
- Glasses - think like a windscreen on a car with no wipers, I could barely see
- Hair - so yeah, my hair leaks in the rain, leaving a gorgeous red tint to aforementioned shirt.

In general, I could not have been less prepared if I tried.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

So maybe it's a passion.

Today I taught some Year 7s how to dance,
and it was so exhilarating you wouldn't believe.
That's weird, isn't it? I don't even like small children, but I like teaching them and I like them learning.
So does that mean I want to be a teacher?

Therein lies the rub.

I'm going to have to think about this one.

(As an anecdote, I was thinking about doing some form of volunteering abroad in the couple of months between college ending and uni starting next year. I could do that. It would be cool.)

Sunday, 18 July 2010

This is exactly how I plan to spend my evening. Whoever writes the TV schedule is an absolute cracker of a human being.

Depressingly good dream.

Last night I had a dream I wrote a really, really good book.

And I woke up having not written this beautiful tome and that, ladies, is highly, highly depressing.

Friday, 16 July 2010


I will be here!!

my best friends,
several hundred pounds,
and some fun fun times.

Let me keep on getting excited over here.

Emma x

Hello Friday,

The drill is the drill is the drill, merci buckets to lauren as per :)

1.  A very nostalgic place that reminds me of being a kid is: the junior toilets at my primary school. Every time I go in there (mainly summer fete, christmas fayre and the like) I'm like whoa...this is weird.

 2.  If someone really wants to show me how much they love me: they should go out of their way to be nice. In essence. Do things for me! (It's a two way thing tho because I'd do them in return)

3.  Lately I've been wondering a lot about: just how much debt I'm gonna be in after university, and suchlike related matters.

4.  When it comes to saving money I am:
meh. I earn £150 a month and save £100, plus I usually have about a tenner left. That said, the only outgoings I really have are holidays (which comes from the savings) clothes and books so I guess I'm just lucky so far.

5.  I'd prefer     sleep    over    sex    any day!  (ALL THE SINGLE LADIES, PUT YOUR HANDS UP)

6.  I wish I knew how to make:
clothes. Well more specifically to alter them. i buy loads of cheap shit from various places and it ALWAYS needs altering.

7.  I'm just waiting for: FRANCE WITH THE GIRLS :)

Well that's me done for this week.
Je te verrais demain :)

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Doing silly quizzes.

I am highly, highly susceptible to this kind of foolishness :)

1. Your facebook profile photo

Me and my mommy :) we went to the park today as a family and this reflects the whole day - glorious weather, good company, et cetera. It's not neccessarily the best photo of me but hey ho, who cares? It's the love that counts.

2. A photo of yourself a year ago

 Me just before my year 11 prom. What's changed? hair's a totally different colour for a start. I'm also more confident, louder, and more comfortable in myself by a MILE.

3. A photo that makes you happy

This totally exemplifies the relationship between my sister and me. Stupid, goofy, sisterly. You know how we do. And it makes me happy because we're so close.

4. A photo of the last place you went on holiday

 I go here maybe 3 times a year, to the North of France in this ridiculously small village. As can be seen in this picture, it usually rains. Also: this is my friend Alex. Apparently we are quite similar looking, I don't know how you feel about that one.

5. A photo of you

 Just before my french oral, I had a bit of a meltdown. Here are the photographic results. Also "a picture of you" is a bit self-centred, no? So I figured one that isn't too flattering will do just fine.

6. A photo that makes you laugh

 Last year my friends and I did a 6-legged Race for Life at school...basically we just waddled around and fell over ourselves alot. Which was funny. This was particularly hilarious because I look like I'm walking through water (on the far left btw) and we ALL look a leetle bit drunk.
Hohoho, we are retards and that's funny.

7. A photo of someone you love

I don't care how sad it is, I do love my dog! Look at that face, how could you not?

8. A photo of your favourite band/musician

 Florence and the Machine has the single best voice ever ever ever, it's so powerful it sometimes gives me shivers. Love for her.

9. A photo of your family

 This is my extra-extended family on my Dad's side, because I couldn't find one of just the four of us.  Anyway it's my grandparents, my great-aunt and uncle, their children, their grandchildren, and one great-grandchild (the baby.) We don't get together that often but they're ridiculously nice people.

Our little family of four though, I love so much sometimes it hurts.

10. A photo of you as a baby

Velvet is for sure making a comeback ;) anyway, this is me and my little sister at maybe 6 and 3? I don't know.

Pointless meanderings DONE, over and out.

Friday, 9 July 2010


Filling in the blanks, are we?

1. My favorite thing about this week has been: the complete lack of college work - no History lessons, a bunch of frees where I used to have Computing, missing two days for Open Days in York and Swansea, plus watching a film in French and "making presentations" in really...I don't wanna say doss week, but DOSS WEEK TO THE MAX :D

2. The weather this week has been: kinda changeable. In the morning it's cold-ish, sprinkle-y rain about 10 o clock then glorious by lunchtime.

Except in Swansea where it rained, bien sur.

3. The last (interesting) item I received in the mail was: hmm, well today I got a fascinating letter from work about shrinkage. Before that it was probably the bracelet I ordered off ebay. God I love ebay.

4. The last movie I saw was: The Long Kiss Goodnight, which was on at a round about midnight a few days ago. Basically this woman gets amnesia and forgets she's an assassin, then she remembers, then she changes her mind and decides she wants to be all mumsy. It was actually pretty good, in a trashy way.

5. If I could be doing anything I felt like today I would: not be working, that's for sure. Heading down to the beach with my besties with a picnic and some music.

6. As a teenager I was: So, 17. I believe that makes me still a teenager and therefore unqualified to comment.

7. I wish I could trade lives for the day with: Someone totally 'self-actualized' (to quote a certain Mia Thermopolis) who lives in a VW campervan and smokes hella weed whilst listening to obscure music and creating abstract art.

 Because that wasn't random at all. You know how I do.

Emma x

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Mild disappointment and the depths of the abyss.

Well i got a new camera for my birthday.
And whilst I'm ever ever grateful to my wonderful extended family for their generosity and awesomeness, I wish they'd just told me, or read some reviews, or something! Because the picture quality is...sort of awful, really. I'm playing around with the settings to make it work out, but my old camera took such perfect pictures that it makes me sad :(

And on that subject, I took pictures inspired by Gala's  post on the contents of her handbag. The pictures are terrible as already described.
But oh well.

So the contents of my handbag are as follows...

By the way, the day I took these was also the day of the UCAS convention, hence the VERY BIG bag.

Here is my current bag. It's Primark, I know, and the one everyone has, but it's SO NICE that I don't even care. I love it and I will use it forever, it's so useful.

I'd been shopping :) so black vest top, stripy jumper, new necklace and two new rings. Plus the black hoodie I put in for emergencies. 

Because my bag is so ridiculously large, I keep a little bag inside it for essentials: that's my phone, bus pass, ipod and purse. You can't see my purse in this picture.
AND A PEN, never be without a pen!

On the day these photos were taken, I'd just been to the UCAS convention. So lots of prospectuses and freebies :)

And that was the contents of my bag! If you add to it The Castle of Oranto by Horace Walpole, a bottle of summer fruits squash and some cheerios, then take away prospectuses and the new clothes, you have the current contents.

 coming up when I'm not dying of fatigue, YORK UNIVERSITY and why I need FITNESS.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Today, I:
- Played truth or dare
- Bounced on a bouncy castle even though my boobs kept falling out
- Ate chocolate cake- Sang songs

Today I was five again.

"Would you rather go out with a tall, really attractive guy with HERPES OR a short guy who's REALLY ugly but has a GREAT personality...and four arms?"
One of our more inventive truths.

As you can probably tell, one of my friends had a bouncy castle party which as 17 year olds we were just about old enough to fully enjoy. It was lovely.

I'm the legs on the right, if you're interested.

Now I'm the redhead.

Fun times in the sun times :)

Over and out x

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Films on a Saturday.

I just watched A Cinderella Story. Such love for chick flicks! Especially this one. The ending is so cute. If cheesy, but hey, it's a chick flick so what do you expect.

And now I'm watching another film. Called... The Long Kiss Goodnight, apparently.
It looks really good.

Thoughts so far: the special effects are dreadful. But the stunts are epic, I'm really enjoying it.

"I'm in the goddamn PTA!"
In other news, I really want one of these t-shirts ,and I like my form tutors new shoes. They look like this but without the laces:
And that's a good line, to take it to the bridge.

Friday, 2 July 2010

You know how it goes...

Friday means fill in the blanks.

1. This weekend for The 4th of July I'll be : working, and then walking the dog, and then going on a run, then researching my EPQ.

I almost wish the UK had an Independance Day because it would be THE BEST, sadly all we could really do was the exit of the Romans...and that wasn't really a day...

I'm going to celebrate the ROMANS LEAVE BRITAIN DAY sometime between now and next year.

2. Fireworks are: nice. I guess. Nice with a hot dog and a big fat scarf.

Or really nice, if I'm being honest, watched from afar on a hill with a certain boy.
Which isn't happening any time in the near future.

3. Nothing says summer like: impromptu picnics in the park where you buy packets of paper cups and two big bottles of coke and some pringles. And then taking your shoes off to walk home through the town centre because they're rubbing.

4. My favorite summer memory is: the summer of Year 11. Nuff said.

5. My favorite thing about summer is: Never even thinking "ooh shall I take a jacket?," and the way the sun feels on your skin and the way the sun smells on your skin.

6. Summer in a word is: sunny.

7. If I could choose to have summer or winter year round I'd pick: NEITHER!!!! Er Summer. No, winter. No, summer.

Actually, either. I love the both of them.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Given that there's nothing to say (except uber-feature I have planned that I can't do until I find my camera lead) all I can do is give you a list of my recent downloads, for funs. I would recommend them.
Most of them.

Barricades - Fyfe Dangerfield

I have a rule, when a song gets popular and I like it: I can only admit to liking it if I can prove I'm not all about the fads. In other words, I need to listen to another song by the same artist. In this case I'm responding to the Always A Women thing. Which is a great song.

I don't like this one quite as much, but it's good. Slow and beautiful if a little bit wail-y. And it reminds me of Shrek, for no apparent reason.
Also Fyfe is from Moseley. Which is good.

When love is a howling face

Trapped in a hollow place

I won't surrender
Or give you up
Mr Blue - Catherine Feeny

BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, this is the catchiest tune. It's cute and will stick in your head but also has a bit of meaning behind it that makes it a nice song.
A really nice song. Leapt straight into my "I like these" playlist.

So I leave you with a smile
kiss you on the cheek
and you will call it treason.

My Heart Is Yours - Justin Nozuka

Instantly forgettable. In fact I can't remember what it sounds like, so no lyrics.

Pack Up - Eliza Dolittle

I think Eliza is my new girl crush. I love this song because it's summery, it's cheerful, it's catchy, it's a little bit different. People say she's the new Lily Allen but I think there's something a bit less contrived about her that makes me really like her as a person.

She said pack up your troubles,
get your old grin back,
don't worry 'bout the cavalry...

Rewind - Diane Birch

Aaaaagh I love this song so much! It's so beautiful, but more importantly her voice is fabulous. I could listen to it all day. Especially this song though, I can feel the emotion and it's just so good!!

There are many things that I would
like to say to you
but I don't have the words in my head

So that's my pointless posting of the week. See ya later fellaz.