Monday, 9 August 2010

Punctuation overflow.

I'm doing work experience.

I already have a job!
(But I really don't intend to work on the checkouts for the rest of my life.)

Anyway, I'm at this tiny publishing place in Olton, there are 6 staff and they amuse me to no end for some reasons:

1) They are very ANGRY TYPERS and probably wear out a keyboard a day with their CRAZY ANGRY TYPING.

2) There are the two sterotypical nerds in the corner, Doug and Dave. One looks like Geof from Ace of Cakes (with Frank Skinner's voice) and the other mutters to himself. An example of a typical Douganddave conversation:

Yes Dave?
*insert financial royalty updates speak here*
Doug looks blankly at Dave.
Sorry, Dave, cannot compute...seriously, man, I cannot compute!

3) I'm pretty sure Eleanor and Aaron are having an affair. Get this: they leave at the same time, and laugh at the same time (secret sexy IMing?) and...well that's it really.

Other than that, I discovered I like proofreading, in an *i'm not deathly bored* type way. I couldn't do it every day though. 

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