Thursday, 25 February 2010

Hello, hello,


Anyway, what was I gonna say? Oh yeah, just how close real life is getting. We had a higher education conference on Wednesday, and we start writing personal statements and looking at courses soon, and we pick the senior prefects (i.e. Head Girl, house captains and whatnot) on Friday.

I AM IN YEAR 12. I would consider that a leetle bit early, wouldn't you?

Nah well, at least I'll be well prepared.

I'm also trying to book a holiday for me and my buds in France in the summer...again with the stress, and my tired old brain can't take the idea of translating my contract into English. Although I get the gist. Ish.

This was pointless but hey, you're up to date now.

(Also thinking of starting a new blog soon. With a theme. Oooooh.)

Emma x

Friday, 5 February 2010

The Pursuit of Genius

1st, I always lose my iPod because I put it in my pencil case then forget. Remind me of that next time I lose it.

ANYWAY, this month I'm attempting to educate myself. I've started by reading "A Beginners Guide to Philosophy," so now I know my Kant from my Descartes.

Now I'm trying to do Marvel comics. Because my Marvel knowledge is sadly lacking. Then I'm going through careers in the Media, then I'm going to go back to Philosophy, then a biography for book club and then A Clockwork Orange because I really want to read it.

Anyway, suggestions for improving my mental wellbeing?

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

EXCELLENT things about tomorrow.

1. Thursday is the day I have a study instead of computing. Me and my ipod and the wikipedia random-article function for an hour. Excellent.

2. Thursday is critical thinking period 5...which means cakes, period 5. That's an excellent thing.

3. Thursday is Spanish Club. I'm really enjoying learning Spanish.

4. Thursday is nearly the weekend but not quite. We're over the top of the mountain and COASTING towards the weekend.

5. I get to read the metro every morning. I get to read the metro every morning, but I enjoy it so much.

6. We have hot cross buns and I'm going to toast one for breakfast.

7. Just generally. Life :)

Emma x