Sunday, 5 September 2010


I was twelve and hilarious.

So today my friend posted this very old photo on Facebook, of myself (a droit) and another friend on a residential, aged twelve. And with a sudden shot of remembrance, something appeared in my brain which I'd completely forgotten.


Is the funniest thing alive. It's my old Windows Live blog, and I was completely unlike me, it's shocking.

But hey, I've officially been blogging since April 2005. Ahead of the times or what?!

Particularly amusing extracts:

On Daddy Long Legs season.
"Nia is terrified, bless er. Dey r annoyin, no? In facto, they suck. Las nite, rite, i heard this scrabblin on the ceilin abuvv my ed. I ws TERRIFIED coz I thought it was a mouse. So I finally plucked up the courage to turn the readin lite on and lo and behold, a daddy long legged fellow is on my wall. So y know. Nia droppd er apple becoz of those things...... "

On life itself:

"Life, life, life. Its a wonderful thing. Its gt chocolate and grapes and Charmed and clouds, and earwigs and France and hair dye and New York and so on. Ye, wed all b lost without life. Genrali speakin."

On being cool:

"N nehoo, who sez wats kool n wats not?! coz i mean if evry1 was wearin wooly bikinis 2 awards shos, wud peeps fink dat woz kool? Man, iv gt so menny forts!yah, how cums studyin aint kool. I no its borin n evryfin bt so is eatin salad evry day to look fin 2 b cool! Ok mebbe its a bit diffrent bt hey..."

As you can see, I was an inspiring, eloquent and interesting writer from a young age.

Man, iv gt so menny forts!


Emma x

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Aoife. said...

Lmao at "Ye, wed all b lost without life. Genrali speakin."
Loved it :D
And yeah, my camera takes all sorts of 35mm film.