Sunday, 5 September 2010

If in doubt...

hit the beach!

Today was one of those weird coincidences where all of my family had the day off. And we decided to introduce my dog to the beach!

We went to Brean, which is at the moment a relatively quite place with sand and fish and chips and a nice long hill, I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Me and the littl'un (she's still little to me!) on the beach. My hair = mental.
Delight from she as she discovers that the bottle of water she just bought HAS HER NAME ON IT.
Windswept tree is windswept.

I have a fondness for men's jumpers and posing as if I'm G.

Shock! Horror! I discover the macro button! Still, I ate like a hundred of these. 'Elf and safety? To hell with health and safety!

I'm looking outta'a window.

This is a WWII lookout post...or something. We went on a verrrrrry long walk to reach this point.

"Hold on, let me just do up Moss's rucksack." The point at which we realise my Dad == Moss from the IT Crowd.

So I've basically just had a lovely day :) Family time is soo important and I swear we never get it these days, what with me working/at college 6 days out of 7, and my parents out of the house 7 till 7, 6 days a week. Any time left over tends to get devoted to the obvious things, housework and homework and it's nice that when we get time we can do special things like this :)

Emma x

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