Monday, 13 September 2010

The moment you realise you're pretty much a grownup.

Yesterday I was really ill.
Like, fully feverish, shivering, sweating, duvet-on-the-sofa type ill. Nasty. I recovered a bit in the evening, enough to actually take in Enrique Iglesias crooning Hero to me.

(And when I say to me, what I mean is to 60,000 people at Twickenham and about 2million viewers at home. But I'm pretty sure it was aimed at me. Swoon.)

Oh lordy, where was I?

Oh yeah! This morning I woke up with a conundrum. Because I'd had one day off school, I was almost an entire weeks' work behind. But I couldn't take a day off to catch up...because I'd fall much further behind...

So yeah, first opportunity to have a day off school since I was TWELVE GODDAMN YEARS OLD (I have a steel lined immune system. My mom says its because I was breastfed.) and what do I do? Like I good student, I trek into school.


Emma x

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