Tuesday, 7 September 2010

My slightly stressful but actually rather rewarding day.

6.55am: recieve text from best friend and dance-teaching partner - "not coming in today, ill, sorry :( good luck!"
7.00am: realise I have to lead the first session of Junior Dance completely alone...and I haven't choreographed a dance yet.
7.00am-7.30am: panix!
11.35am - head to the dance studio in my free. scroll through my ipod aimlessly.
11.45am - sudden flash of inspiration! start choreographing.
12.30pm - finally finish choreographing.
12.35pm - the first kids come in, we are a go-go!

Oh, but it was pretty darn good :) I did a dance to Lady Marmalade, about 30 people showed up and I think it went okay! I really do!


I do know how to leave things until the last minute.

Emma x

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