Thursday, 23 September 2010

A million good things about today.

(I allow space here for epic spaz attacks like the one I had on Vintage Vixen's blog.)

How awesome is life? HOW AWESOME IS LIFE?

More good things about life:

- Tomorrow = inset day, a quirky little invention of the British school system that means we get a day off. For no apparent reason. Fab.
- I'm watching Gossip Girl. A few days let, but nevermind.

In fact, on the subject of GG - does anyone actually watch it for the plot? Thought not. It's epic but sadly lacking in Chuck thus far.

I'm Chuck Bass and I'm the sexiest man alive.
Just life :)

(Except we have rats. As in, the verminous scrabbly germy grey rodent type of RATS. Which is disgusting so I'm carefully not thinking about it.)

1 comment:

Miss Vintage Vixen said...

Chuck Bass.... oh how much of a beaut you are.
And ha ha ha oh my goodness I'll spaz here, too, because that trailer oh my God--

aghjsdghsjkladghsjklaghsja i am so excited oh my god this cannot accio november 19 please come sooner why are you not in me please come sooner oh my god ron and hermione hugging and then harry saying help me cause dobby's dead and oh my god "i've got them!" and they are coming they are coming and harry running after ginny and lupin blocking him and malfoy manor it's all so oh my goodness just eurgh oh my god oh my god oh my god!!