Thursday, 1 July 2010

Given that there's nothing to say (except uber-feature I have planned that I can't do until I find my camera lead) all I can do is give you a list of my recent downloads, for funs. I would recommend them.
Most of them.

Barricades - Fyfe Dangerfield

I have a rule, when a song gets popular and I like it: I can only admit to liking it if I can prove I'm not all about the fads. In other words, I need to listen to another song by the same artist. In this case I'm responding to the Always A Women thing. Which is a great song.

I don't like this one quite as much, but it's good. Slow and beautiful if a little bit wail-y. And it reminds me of Shrek, for no apparent reason.
Also Fyfe is from Moseley. Which is good.

When love is a howling face

Trapped in a hollow place

I won't surrender
Or give you up
Mr Blue - Catherine Feeny

BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, this is the catchiest tune. It's cute and will stick in your head but also has a bit of meaning behind it that makes it a nice song.
A really nice song. Leapt straight into my "I like these" playlist.

So I leave you with a smile
kiss you on the cheek
and you will call it treason.

My Heart Is Yours - Justin Nozuka

Instantly forgettable. In fact I can't remember what it sounds like, so no lyrics.

Pack Up - Eliza Dolittle

I think Eliza is my new girl crush. I love this song because it's summery, it's cheerful, it's catchy, it's a little bit different. People say she's the new Lily Allen but I think there's something a bit less contrived about her that makes me really like her as a person.

She said pack up your troubles,
get your old grin back,
don't worry 'bout the cavalry...

Rewind - Diane Birch

Aaaaagh I love this song so much! It's so beautiful, but more importantly her voice is fabulous. I could listen to it all day. Especially this song though, I can feel the emotion and it's just so good!!

There are many things that I would
like to say to you
but I don't have the words in my head

So that's my pointless posting of the week. See ya later fellaz.

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