Friday, 23 July 2010

On neccessity and invention, loud 14 year olds and summer.

Part one
When the six loudest teenagers in the world come together, they make a noise roughly equivalent to the Storming of the Bastille.
All six of those teenagers are now in my living room.
Go away small people.


I genuinely hope I misinterpreted that one.

Part two
There is a shocking lack of food in this house, but for once I am not complaining! The only savoury food left is one egg, a bag of potatoes, two carrots and some free samples of Boursin.

Du vin, du pain, du Boursin.
If these two had done as I have and stuck a few carrots into the mix, their eyesight might have improved sufficient enough to see the WHACKING GREAT DU TRACTEUR in the next scene. Just a theory.

Neccessity being as it is the mother of invention, I'm tucking into a delicious snack of carrots and Boursin.

Thoughts: Boursin on its own is disgusting, because it is smelly and smelly cheese is rank. However, with carrots, it is nice. Really nice, in fact.

So in conclusion, huzzah for parrots.

Carrots. You know what I mean.

Over and out.

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