Thursday, 22 July 2010

So apparently it is raining,

Here is an overlong reason why I am thoroughly unattractive at this moment, from feet up.

I went walking the dog without checking the weather first, more fool me! I was wholly unprepared, voila my ensemble:

- Suede boots.I mean, come on. They have a hole in the left heel.
- I stood on a thorn this morning which is causing me EXTRA pain and I keep limping like a gay.
- Jeggings. Wet through within seconds.

- I wore a white shirt that goes wholly see-through in the rain. I mean, cling film, Mr Darcy levels of see-throughness except more miserable and entirely less sexy.
- In a tiny nod of deference to the weather, I had a tiny little black summer cardigan on. Yeah, that was useful.
- Glasses - think like a windscreen on a car with no wipers, I could barely see
- Hair - so yeah, my hair leaks in the rain, leaving a gorgeous red tint to aforementioned shirt.

In general, I could not have been less prepared if I tried.

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