Sunday, 11 July 2010

Doing silly quizzes.

I am highly, highly susceptible to this kind of foolishness :)

1. Your facebook profile photo

Me and my mommy :) we went to the park today as a family and this reflects the whole day - glorious weather, good company, et cetera. It's not neccessarily the best photo of me but hey ho, who cares? It's the love that counts.

2. A photo of yourself a year ago

 Me just before my year 11 prom. What's changed? hair's a totally different colour for a start. I'm also more confident, louder, and more comfortable in myself by a MILE.

3. A photo that makes you happy

This totally exemplifies the relationship between my sister and me. Stupid, goofy, sisterly. You know how we do. And it makes me happy because we're so close.

4. A photo of the last place you went on holiday

 I go here maybe 3 times a year, to the North of France in this ridiculously small village. As can be seen in this picture, it usually rains. Also: this is my friend Alex. Apparently we are quite similar looking, I don't know how you feel about that one.

5. A photo of you

 Just before my french oral, I had a bit of a meltdown. Here are the photographic results. Also "a picture of you" is a bit self-centred, no? So I figured one that isn't too flattering will do just fine.

6. A photo that makes you laugh

 Last year my friends and I did a 6-legged Race for Life at school...basically we just waddled around and fell over ourselves alot. Which was funny. This was particularly hilarious because I look like I'm walking through water (on the far left btw) and we ALL look a leetle bit drunk.
Hohoho, we are retards and that's funny.

7. A photo of someone you love

I don't care how sad it is, I do love my dog! Look at that face, how could you not?

8. A photo of your favourite band/musician

 Florence and the Machine has the single best voice ever ever ever, it's so powerful it sometimes gives me shivers. Love for her.

9. A photo of your family

 This is my extra-extended family on my Dad's side, because I couldn't find one of just the four of us.  Anyway it's my grandparents, my great-aunt and uncle, their children, their grandchildren, and one great-grandchild (the baby.) We don't get together that often but they're ridiculously nice people.

Our little family of four though, I love so much sometimes it hurts.

10. A photo of you as a baby

Velvet is for sure making a comeback ;) anyway, this is me and my little sister at maybe 6 and 3? I don't know.

Pointless meanderings DONE, over and out.

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