Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Mild disappointment and the depths of the abyss.

Well i got a new camera for my birthday.
And whilst I'm ever ever grateful to my wonderful extended family for their generosity and awesomeness, I wish they'd just told me, or read some reviews, or something! Because the picture quality is...sort of awful, really. I'm playing around with the settings to make it work out, but my old camera took such perfect pictures that it makes me sad :(

And on that subject, I took pictures inspired by Gala's  post on the contents of her handbag. The pictures are terrible as already described.
But oh well.

So the contents of my handbag are as follows...

By the way, the day I took these was also the day of the UCAS convention, hence the VERY BIG bag.

Here is my current bag. It's Primark, I know, and the one everyone has, but it's SO NICE that I don't even care. I love it and I will use it forever, it's so useful.

I'd been shopping :) so black vest top, stripy jumper, new necklace and two new rings. Plus the black hoodie I put in for emergencies. 

Because my bag is so ridiculously large, I keep a little bag inside it for essentials: that's my phone, bus pass, ipod and purse. You can't see my purse in this picture.
AND A PEN, never be without a pen!

On the day these photos were taken, I'd just been to the UCAS convention. So lots of prospectuses and freebies :)

And that was the contents of my bag! If you add to it The Castle of Oranto by Horace Walpole, a bottle of summer fruits squash and some cheerios, then take away prospectuses and the new clothes, you have the current contents.

 coming up when I'm not dying of fatigue, YORK UNIVERSITY and why I need FITNESS.

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