Monday, 28 June 2010

I feel a note is needed on Doctor Who.
This is has been my favourite series ever, including Rose x Ten, just because I love Rory and Amy THAT MUCH. And Matt Smith is a brilliant, brilliant actor.
Go Moffat. That was pretty damn good.

Rory: Oh, a poncho. The biggest crime against fashion since lederhosen.
Amy: Ah, here we go. Oh, my boys, my poncho boys, if we're going to die, let's die looking like a Peruvian folk band.

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Miss Vintage Vixen said...

It. Totally. Was.
Matt Smith= HNNNNG he was amazing.
And Karen Gillan and Artur Darvill.

Amazing I tell you.

I will say I thought the series was kind of rushed? Only 13 episodes? And now we have to wait until CHRISTMAS?!?!

*awww nooooo*