Friday, 2 July 2010

You know how it goes...

Friday means fill in the blanks.

1. This weekend for The 4th of July I'll be : working, and then walking the dog, and then going on a run, then researching my EPQ.

I almost wish the UK had an Independance Day because it would be THE BEST, sadly all we could really do was the exit of the Romans...and that wasn't really a day...

I'm going to celebrate the ROMANS LEAVE BRITAIN DAY sometime between now and next year.

2. Fireworks are: nice. I guess. Nice with a hot dog and a big fat scarf.

Or really nice, if I'm being honest, watched from afar on a hill with a certain boy.
Which isn't happening any time in the near future.

3. Nothing says summer like: impromptu picnics in the park where you buy packets of paper cups and two big bottles of coke and some pringles. And then taking your shoes off to walk home through the town centre because they're rubbing.

4. My favorite summer memory is: the summer of Year 11. Nuff said.

5. My favorite thing about summer is: Never even thinking "ooh shall I take a jacket?," and the way the sun feels on your skin and the way the sun smells on your skin.

6. Summer in a word is: sunny.

7. If I could choose to have summer or winter year round I'd pick: NEITHER!!!! Er Summer. No, winter. No, summer.

Actually, either. I love the both of them.

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