Wednesday, 2 June 2010

This Week

I've been thinking about Hercules.
In the original Greek myth, Hercules was a demi-God, right? But in the Disney film (I've been on the ultimate disney playlist instead of revising) he's a full on God.Now most of Zeus' demigod children were the result of his affairs with mortals, right? So I'm assuming, unless someone can correct me, that it's because that's not exactly wholesome Disney fare that they've changed it?
I suppose it powers the plot along, as well.

Doctor Who Series Five Pictures, Images and Photos

Actually I've been thinking about isolated events in relation to the plot alot this week, specifically in relation to Dr Who...which I basically adore more than anything else on the box atm. I won't say what, but the end of this week's ep killed me. I'm gutted. But I've been trying to convince myself its not a permanant change vis a vis plot purpose - the event doesn't develop character (because they forget anyway) or plot, so it's pretty pointless UNLESS it means something in the future. In other words, event will be reversed.

The ramblings of a desperate child.

Also this week: the cumbria shootings. Creepy as heck for two reasons.
a) I live nowhere near there, but totally by coincidence my Dad was there, just for the week. In the same town, at the same time.

b) It could have happened to anyone, anwhere. That actually scares me a little. Like, right now someone could just barge in and shoot me. Creeeeeptacular.

I'm currently watching Walk Tall...Walking Taller? Walking Tall.
It's a bit graphic seeing as I'm used to watching the Rock in tamer guises:

Tehe :)

Not that I've seen that film, or indeed intend to, but Return to witch Mountain was enough.

All of these brilliant dance acts on Britain's Got Talent are making me want to choreograph again! I'm so jealous of all these fantabulous performers, makes me wanna die.

Not really though.

And on that pleasant note, let's fill in the blanks!

My dream vacation would be Know what I'd love to do? Get one of those train passes and do a tour of Europe. It would be the most awesome thing ever, because I love continental cities. Actually, I just love cities in general. So I'd have a miraculously appeared drawing talent and just wander around, sketching the collosseum and the like.
I also love tourists.
The best trip I've ever taken was argh toughie! Rome with my friends for the larks, but France with family+friends for the relaxation and good conversation.
The most important items to take on a road trip are ROAD TRIP! I want to do one of them soo badly. Er...ipod speakers! Pillows. And good friends.
Wait, do you sleep in the car on a road trip??
The next trip I'm looking forward to is South of France in the summer with mi amigos. It's actually our first trip alone so its an equally scary and thrilling prospect. But it's gonna be so! much! fun!
If I had to pick one CD to listen to for a long road trip it would be Hm. That's really hard! Probably Taylor Swift, because even though I'm not a big fan of her anymore I can still listen to her music without puking, and I wouldn't want to ruin all my favourite artists by overplaying them. But I would have to tack on Two Is Better Than One, which is Boys Like Girls featuring her, and Half of My Heart which is her and John Mayer.
There. I can deal with that.
OH GOD maybe I should have had a disney megamix? They're good for a singalong.
Can I just take my ipod pls?
The biggest disaster I've ever encountered while traveling was one year in Normandy. We nicknamed the flat "Stalag 5" because it was tiny, lacked a decent oven and was painted a fabulous shade of grey. I also was quite alot younger and still got mega-worried about leaving home and being stuck in a foreign country (more on that next week) so basically I just spent the whole holiday miserable. Lovely, eh?
My favorite traveling memory is ah, just long journeys stuck in the way back of the Galaxy, sharing an ipod and some food, legs tangled up with each other until we're basically horizontal; with my sister or my friend. Life's all about the journey, right?

That's this week's moral, okay?

Emma x

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sssdawna said...

i really need to revisit my favorite disney movies asap (aladdin, beauty and the beast...)