Wednesday, 26 May 2010

The Weekly Round-Up

SO YES, I'm going to start doing it like this, one big beasty post on a Friday. It's quicker and easier than doing them individually, but should you decide you want in-week updates, I'm directing you to my tumblr which is updated fairly regularly, mostly with useless muck.

My week
what a fabulous day indeed. It was glorious weather (I'm talking 27 degrees, which is alot for British springtime and not bad for British summer time.) Instead of revising, my sister and I went for lunch and japes in the park which was fabulous epic fun.

Since then, I've had a nasty combination of exams and revision.

French on monday, History on Wednesday morning. History is a bastard of an exam, it really is, and it's worth 50% of the A Level. All my other options are 40%, 30%, but no. They make the hard exam worth the most.

The only real highlight of the first half of the week: making chicken dipper sandwiches, four slices of. I don't care if it's unculinary, unsophisticated, unhealthy - you cannot beat a good chicken dipper sandwich, and I only ever make good chicken dipper sandwiches.

This week I've had a bunch of weird dreams, too. It's because my sleep patterns are all over the place - I'm doing wake up at 8, get up at 10, bed at 11, but then I pull all nighters sometimes and go to bed obscenely early when I get bored. Which means I've had a total of three post-apocalyptic dreams, one of which was set on a spaceship, two dreams featuring Drew Barrymore in various forms and one in which I got up, went to school, did the exam, realised I was actually there for a dance exam and thus dressed completely wrong, and after all that I had to wake up and start the day again.

I've also realised that there is only TWO months until my summer holidays! Time to start dieting, methinks. My belly's gone to jelly. I was looking at old photos today and I was SO. SKINNY. It's really bizarre. I'm not fat now, but still, there are things to be done before I can go out in a bikini.
I'm the emaciated one on the left :D

On Thursday,
I went all Stepford Wife and baked a cake, using cream cheese icing which turned out... okay. Not really photo-worthy, or anything. Then I walked the dog.Twice. God, all I need is a husband who works in the city and 4 bratty children and I. Am. There.

Friday, we went bowling. Why? Why not. And we like to go all out, so the dress code was "50s-esque" and we be'd all retro. Then we went to the park, again, had a picnic, funtimes, but I didn't take a camera so there are no pics.

And that, as they say, was that x

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