Sunday, 20 June 2010

J'taime papa!

So here in the UK (I know it differs for mothers day across the world so I guess the same is true here) it's Father's Day.
My Dad is currently busy cycling across the country, again, as you do, clearly he loves his children so much! But honestly, I don't measure paternal love by appearance on some crappy Hallmark day where we exchange cards and cheapo chocolates. What makes my Dad brilliant is his eternal devotion to his family, the way he'll pick me up at 5 o clock in the morning if I ask nicely, the way he gets annoyed when I'm stupid enough to get sunburnt because he cares about my safety, his insistence on opening the car door for me, the amount of time he spends walking the dog. I love the way he is "Garry," his own undefinable, slightly eccentric, slightly nerdy but fantastically intelligent man.

In short,
Happy Father's Day to you all :)

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Nikolett said...

Such a sweet post and it sounds like you two have an amazing relationship :) In North America it's Father's Day too, so Happy Father's Day! And I hope you've had a great weekend :)