Tuesday, 22 June 2010


Well, as anybody who's ever been my age knows, it's about time I got down to some uni open days :) So today me and my mom took a trip down to Exeter to take a look at the uni there.

First things first, the train links are great. It's a direct line to Birmingham, home of my bredrins, nice long train journey so I can get out my notebooks and write like a fiend.

^ at exeter st david's

The first impression was er...horrible. We went down to the Lafrowda block of accomodation and it was literally horrible...bare walls, tiny rooms, shitty little kitchens (in a self-catered block!!), it was basically a prison cell. I don't know why they opened it up, seeing as it's actually being demolished before we go in September 2011.

Things looked up from then on: the rest of the accomodation was pretty nice (if a bit on the expensive side), the course looks really good and Exeter town centre...whoaa. It's literally perfect. OH AND DID I MENTION IT'S ONE TRAIN STOP FROM A BEACH??? And near Exmoor as well.
Moors are very romantic.

To round up our day, we had an early tea in a cafe by the cathedral which was parfaite, busker man singing beautiful songs, beautiful sunshine, beautiful topless students, beautiful homemade chips...argh, I love Exeter.

^ crazy busker man with the nice voice

Mother-of-mine at teatime. Note the broken hand.

Okay so I'm not exactly a stalker, but...yeah, I am.

This is a seagull.

Oh and I also bought a hat.

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