Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Ladies and gents,

^ this image from one of my favourite webcomics ever :D

Actually, that wasn't what I was gonna post about it, but shall I just do a bunch of links so you guys know what I like? Why the hell not. Let's roll.
First off, I'll reccommend Google Reader , because when you have a bunch of things to keep up to date with this is perfect. I'm sure its old news, but it's just faultless.


I used to love the big, fantasy epic ones - these days I read more of the snappy one-liners, but whatever. Anything goes. Ones that I read regularly:

Been Better: Basically the life of the author, with added funny bits. (
FreakAngels: I love dystopian, post-armageddon scenarios and this is really unique. I'd recommend it if you like long + epic storylines, also some kickass characters. (

Geminni: Follows the adventures of a woman called Kaley, swaps between underworld/greek god type storylines and your average unlucky in love/ex husband a twat type storylines. I mostly like this one for the very pretty art. I really like this artist's style. (

Least I Could Do: Makes me snort out loud at least once a week. Art is really nice and updates so regularly half the time I miss one out. (

Multiplex: Basically follows a bunch of employees at a cinema. Easier to follow if you're a bit of a film nerd, but I'm not and it works for me :) (

Paranormal Activity: And before you ask, she had the name before the film did! Sort of like a paranormal detective agency...there was one story arc that got me really interested but since then it's been a bit meh. Still, worth a read for the adorable Eredicus ^^ (

Questionable Content: The kind supplier of the image at the top. Bunch of self-proclaimed hipsters with a taste for indie music do life, relationships, music and the slightly surreal addition of what are basically pet robots. I feel love for these characters. (

The Dreamer: Main character lives in the 21st century, but when she falls asleep she lives in the Civil War times. The second comic I ever started reading, mostly because the art is SO beautiful, but also for the intricate (and I think it's set to go on for a long time yet!) storyline. I just really enjoy reading this comic, plus I can see a tricky situation with the cross-time love triangle. (

And that's it for webcomics. In the rest of my internet time, I LOVE Futility Closet ( me find an example post to try and explain it...

"An episode from the German trenches, August 1915, from artilleryman Herbert Sulzbach’s 1935 memoir With the German Guns:

One of the next starlit summer nights, a decent Landwehr chap came up suddenly and said to 2/Lt Reinhardt, ‘Sir, it’s that Frenchie over there singing again so wonderful.’ We stepped out of the dug-out into the trench, and quite incredibly, there was a marvellous tenor voice ringing out through the night with an aria from Rigoletto. The whole company were standing in the trench listening to the ‘enemy,’ and when he had finished, applauding so loud that the good Frenchman must certainly have heard it and is sure to have been moved by it in some way or other as much as we were by his wonderful singing.

“Musical compositions, it should be remembered, do not inhabit certain countries, certain museums, like paintings and statues,” wrote Henri Rabaud. “The Mozart Quintet is not shut up in Salzburg: I have it in my pocket.”"

Now that's not the kind of thing you find on Facebook, or something. Somehow they always manage to find these little gems of info that are just fabulous.

The chess moves can be boring though :)

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