Friday, 14 May 2010

Thank you Freya.

Fun fact: in Iran, Friday is the weekend and the week starts on Saturday.
In case you were wondering.

(Also, the title spring from my first ever mythological obsession, the Norse goddess Freya, which is where the name Friday comes from, in a roundabout way.)

*ahem* 'scuse boobs.

So yeah, vague attempt to make the day itself sound interesting aside, HAPPY WEEKEND! You have no idea how much I need this weekend for revision. Exams start next week, I can quite clearly say to you this: I. Am. Wetting. Myself.

(And just a little secret, I'm going to predict here my grades. That way no-one will know if I get them way, way wrong.)

Computing - High B/Low A
French - AEnglish - A
History - Low A.
Critical Thinking - Anybody's guess :)

But we all know what I'm really here for...FILL. IN. THE. BLANK. FREITAG!

The very best thing about the summer is: realising you've spent the whole day in sheer unadulterated lazy bliss, not concentrating because the sun makes you dopey, laughing lots, big sunnies.
My first crush ever was: MD in reception (I was 4), we were going to get married. I can see why I was attracted to him then, but he got ugly as he grew up so I made the right decision :)

(me and my little sister at approx. that time)

This may sound really silly but: I'm still scared of swings in kids' playgrounds. I just never got over the fear when I was little.

swings photography Pictures, Images and Photos

I squeeze my toothpaste from: the top. I feel like a social outlaw for it, if that helps?
My absolute favorite "comfort food" is: chocolate, then toast, alternating. Repeat until the wounds have healed.
A random fact about me is that: I can recite all the reigning monarchs since Edward the Confessor...which is about 1040 AD? It's really boring to listen to though. Just a bunch of names.
The one piece of technology that truly makes my life better and I couldn't live without is: Laptop. No question. How did I ever do anything before it?

As usual, thanks to Lauren for her general awesomeness :)

And there we have it. Bis morgen, my lovelies.

Emma x

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