Friday, 7 May 2010


Last post was #100 :D now I am truly a woman.

She looks like a child,
but she's always
a woman, to me.

Anyway, today I had the best day ever. Because it was Friday, which means pub lunches, updates to The Dreamer and Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. My favorite book growing up was Little Women - Louisa May Alcott. All the incessant moralizing and the quaintness appealed quite a bit to my bossy, righteous little self :)
2. The funniest book I've ever read was honestly, I don't really know...I can really vividly remember not being able to stop laughing at about 3 o clock in the morning, but damned if I know what it was.
3. The one book that has truly changed my life is I spent so long thinking about this. Honestly, probably 1984. It's made me second guess everything.
4. If you're looking for a real "tear jerker" you should probably read honestly? The only book I've ever cried at was the last Harry Potter. That's because I am a) a nerd and b) very emotional at 3 o' clock in the morning.
(In case you hadn't guessed, I read alot of books at that time of night. Because I am a busy woman and actually it's a good time to read, depending on how much you value speech.)
5. If I could meet any author living or dead I would want to meet Hitler, that's because he wrote Mein Kampf and because his brain is probably pretty intense.
6. The next book on my "to read" list is my to read list is 64 books long. You don't want me to name them all, trust. Catch-22 is probably number one though. Also, some vampire books for my teen fiction group (yeah, I'm relishing the thought.)
7. If I was snowed into remote cabin in the woods and could only choose three books to bring with me I'd bring
I'm taking boxsets. Just try and stop me. So the Harry Potter boxset, Clarissa by Samuel Richardson because it's effin' long, and a few trashy paperbacks.

More than three. So sue me.

So that's that done!

And finally,

Anyone who dropped by my house about 5 o' clock this evening would have seen a fabulous sight. I decided it was Shania Time, i.e. the time where Emma puts on the Shania Twain album (c. 1997) and dances along to it.
This is the first time I've done it whilst having a dog though, so ME and DUST had a wonderful, frabjous time dancing along in a sort of tug-of-war/line-dancing combo.

(This isn't my dog, but she's mental like that one :D)

Sometimes it's fun to be weird.


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Nikolett said...

Yay congrats on surpassing 100 posts! And I totally agree about '1984' just making us readers all paranoid. And I love your choices; I would definitely bring the "Harry Potter" box set too :) Hope you had a great weekend!