Saturday, 12 February 2011

You know my bad TV addiction?

Guys...this post is essentially me rambling about the sci-fi TV show Outcasts...if you don't watch it you will find it INCREDIBLY BORING. So I won't be offended if you don't R&C :)

I figured I'd mention it...because opinion seems to be split on whether or not Outcasts was worth the hype or not.

If you didn't know, Outcasts is basically the Beebs new sci-fi type's probably aimed at an older demographic than something like Doctor Who or Merlin but it's that kind of thing. It's a dystopian type thing: basically, the old Earth has crumbled into bits and the survivors have fled to a planet called Carpathia.

Which, as they later explain, is the ship that took in most of the survivors off the Titanic.
Not enough lifeboats.


Anyway, essentially, I liked it in a "this is kind of terrible but I'll forgive the occasionally clunky dialogue and the slightly cliche characters if you will."
One thing that I really liked was the dynamic between Cass and Fleur (aka the ones above.) 
Not just because I'm an easy target for an obvious ship, but because I can already see there's going to be SERIOUS tension, because Cass has clearly done a lot of things in his past that he's not proud of, whereas Fleur is very much the idealist.
But at the moment they're tension free and adorable which is always good news. 

 Taken from the Beeb's official site.

And I know people are pissed off that they killed off Jamie Bamber (aka semi-famous man-candy) in Episode 1, but I really don't think Episode 2 really suffered from a lack thereof.
Partly because I actually think Jack is really fit, and there's certainly a scope for character development there too. And partly because I wasn't all that interested in Mitchell-Carina-Linus anyway.

Plot wise...I'm really interested to see what Tipper Malone will end up doing. He does keep popping up, so evidently he's going to integrate himself further into the show at some point.

I'm also placing bets on Cass being a leader at some point...because of his surname. Cromwell, aka Oliver Cromwell, aka the leader of the Roundheads (anti-monarchists) in the English Civil War back in the way back when. And given the Carpathia reference and Linus reciting Blake poetry over and over again, I'm pretty sure the series was written by someone with a uni degree and mountains of general knowledge to burn.

Speaking of Tyger, Tyger, good LORD but that was clicheed! No doubt it'll come back to bite them on the butt, and I won't care, because children reciting text is so overdone I can't help but cringe.


Oh, and Ros from Spooks was there too. 

Rambling is what I do best, guys. Sorry.

Emma x


Jen in the Purple Pants said...

It sounds like Lord of the Flies!!! :D
Now I'm curious to watch this, stupid American TV with only American channels!!

Magda^_^ said...

Helloooo! I don't watch this( i live Greece,the place where every series is on tv after the whole cast is dead)(well,obviorsly i'm exaggerating) but it seems pretty interesting:)
I just came by to say sorry have to coment for ages,but it's bloggers fault as your new posts did not appear to me!

JeanneS said...

ok i have no idea what outcasts is (never watched it) but I am seriously thinking of watching DrWho
though I am afraid that I am going to love it so much that studying will go down to the list of my priorities.
(big bang theory is to blame for my math fail. so its kinda been there done that)
HOWEVER fav shows include LOST, Gossip Girl (though 3rd season and the rest is worth watching only if you press mute and then notice the outfits), Big Bang Theory, Friends (old time classic) and OFCOURSE scrubs :D

Brookie said...

This looks interesting! Hm..can you watch it in America?
And thank you soooo much for the comment on my blog, it really helped. Some people were telling me to just stay "nice girl" and I was all..well I want to do something risky..and your comment really helped! I totally understood what you meant with it. Thanks for that :D