Wednesday, 9 February 2011

My name's Emma and I'm a fussy eater.

This is a long list of things I won't eat. You don't have to read it, it's just to point out HOW MUCH STUFF I DON'T EAT.
- Sandwiches, unless they're shop-bought and refrigerated.
- Salad with anything red in it.
- Mushrooms, any type.
- Nuts in stuff. Nuts on their own are a-okay.
- Anything minty
-Peppers, any sort
- Any chunks of tomato bigger than my little finger nail.
- Anything with coconut in, EW.
- Cheese, unless it's mild.
- Fish that tastes fishy.
- The skin of anything.
- Any chicken that isn't pure white and non-bitty.
- Sandwich meat. Especially not ham, bleh.
- Any vegetables that aren't peas, carrots or sweetcorn.
- Mash with lumps in.
- Fruits in savoury dishes - raisins, dates and cranberries, I am looking at you.
- Shellfish, prawns and sushi.

Okay, basically? If it's not chocolate or carbs I won't eat it.
Forever a fatty.

Well wasn't that interesting?
In other news, I've changed my layout. You like? I like. My header is finally a non-ridiculous size, if nothing else!

Emma x

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Jen in the Purple Pants said...

haha I'm the same way about chicken, if it doesn't look perfect I'm not eating it!!
Awesome new look!! Speaking of which, how did you make that header? It's amazing!!!!
Sorry I didn't comment on the last post it didn't pop up on my dashboard!!! grrrrr stupid Blogger!!!!!!