Friday, 4 February 2011

Things that are cool, not cool, and fair to middling.

Things that are cool.
  • Thinking you have 15 followers, and you look and realise you have 23.
  • Finally getting your America hoodie...and having spazzes because IT'S SO SOON GUISE.
  • York Uni, and the fact that goose poo is green (who knew?!)
This is actually York Uni and actually a goose.
  • Also what I am currently watching, Alleviate on Got to Dance. I'm biased because they're a friend of a friend, but BLOODY HELL. If you get a chance in a few days time, Youtube Alleviate I Love The Way You Lie or something, because bah, so good! Actually, just watch Got To Dance. So. So. Sick.
Things that are not cool.
  • Failing my driving test. 
  • Still only having 23 followers since September 2008. Quantity over quality though, right? :)
  • My fingers smell like garlic because I've been cooking...again! I'm so domesticated at the moment :/
  • People I know knowing I have a blog! Weird times. Weird, weird times.

Edit: I found Alleviate! The beginning is missing. But there you go.

This has been a ramble. I'm going to do some kind of crazy vegetarian comparison shit at some point. Probably on Sunday. I'll explain why then. Mk? Good. Bye :D

Emma x


Inscriber said...

You're pretty legit

Eleanor Roscuro said...

So whenever I get a new follower, I click on their little pic in my followers box on my dashboard and usually the story is 'Oh, they haven't got a blog. Shame. Never mind, I have a new follower!' This way, I get to miss out on tons of blogs, like this. I am so mad at myself. Anyway, I'm here now and I'm having fun! Yay!

Eleanor Roscuro

Aoife. said...

Ohh, a friend of a friend was in the Got to Dance show aswell, they were kinda crap though, so they didn't get past the semis. But Allevate are really good!!

(Oh and I've added your reccommendation to my list of fics to read - so thanks!!)

EasyTargetHollie said...

Congrats on the 23 followers im still stuck on 16 :L but i love em all very much :D And i love Got To dance and alleviate are amazing!!!!

JeanneS said...

mmm don't think about followers, having 23 loyal ones is better than having 32847293847298574 who do not even remember your existance :)


Gemma said...

Nothing to do with this post but here is a gift just for you