Saturday, 19 February 2011

The awkward moment when you realise exactly why you loved The King's Speech so, so much.

Note: if all goes to plan this post will publish whilst I'm NEW YORK. Sorry in advance if it screws up.

So, I'm currently watching the BAFTAs and the Kings Speech is essentially wiping the floor. And even though I'm all for the underdog in these situations, I honestly believe they deserve EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.

That's not what I wanted to write about though.
Yes, it's a well-scripted, well-filmed, well-acted piece of cinematic brilliance but the sum of those parts doesn't quite make the whole, at least not for me.

By the end of the first scene of the King's Speech I was in ABSOLUTE BITS, something which continued throughout the film, and I think I've finally worked out why.

I have one helluva lot of sympathy for the trials and tribulations of King George VI.
I know that a stammer is a medically diagnosed condition and a much more obtrusive impediment than shyness but the barriers, the feeling always inadequate, the inability to speak because you know whatever comes out of your mind will be wrong wrong wrong.

That makes me sound self-pitying and horrendously whiny. But everyone has their thing, don't they? Even when you know it's stupid, there's something there holding you back and it is, genuinely, like someone has built a brick wall around you and there is literally no way of even moving a centimetre because...well because you can't can't can't.

First scene. First tears.
Anyway, that's why I think the film struck such a chord with me. And by God, that chilling moment where he says I have a voice!

That is my power moment.

So here's what I'm essentially trying to say. If you haven't seen The King's Speech, watch it. Now. I don't care how many federal, state or local bylaws you have to break to do it. DO IT.

Emma X


Aoife. said...

I. Want. To. See. It.
Except all of my friends don't want to go because they say it'll be boring and it's History and blahh blah blahh. Hopefully I'll find a decent version on d'internets.

EasyTargetHollie said...

I'm in the same situation as Aoife :L No friends to go see it with :L

Marg said...

I want to see that movie!! It looks like a great film!!!! Great post!!