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This is the interesting chronicle of my eating disorder.

I use that term quite loosely, eating disorder, because obviously I don't mean a medical disorder. Believe me, that's not something I'd ever take lightly; what I mean is that it's something out-of-order, ab-orderly, about my eating habits.
I appear to have got myself in a linguistic knot, shall I start again?

This is the interesting chronicle of my eating habits.

Point uno: I spend most of my life thinking about my next meal.
Point dos: I can sit down for a meal and eat a hundred thousand portions without getting full.
Point tres: I can go an entire day without eating, until about half 5.
So how does it work? I just don't eat in the day, and that offsets my extremely unhealthy binges in the night. HOWEVER, it's a pretty precarious position - should I happen to have change in my purse, the vending machine beckoneth, and then I eat early, and that is known as a fat day.

The point is, why can't human beings have healthy attitudes to eating? Specifically girls. I'm guessing modern media, because I know probably 3 people in my friendship group who actually eat properly. The rest can be divided into:

a) junk eaters who will regret it when their metabolism matches their appetite
b) anorexics
c) health food addictsd) "I don't eat" people (slightly different as not medically dangerous)

I really do think it's modern media, you know. I have no idea if I'm fat, thin or average because my comparison point is...i dunno, Keira Knightley or someone.

That's a lie, I'm never going to look like Keira Knightley because my boobs are the size of her head. And the amount I eat, I'm never going to reach her skinniness levels either, do I even want to? I don't know.

What was my conclusion? Oh yeah. Young girls these days. Fucked.

Emma x

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