Sunday, 14 March 2010

all of the stars, are fading away...

So this blogpost begins about 2, maybe even 3 days ago when we were walking my cousin (brief biography: born in Birmingham, now lives in the Cotswolds with all the rich people and the farmers) home to his grandma's for the night.

With the dog, but that's a pretty irrelevant part to the story.

Anyway, as I am wont to when I am walking the dog with my sister, and in this case my cousin too, I began to blather on about how pretty the stars were, and how I always always notice Orion before anything else, and my countryside cousin informs me "You think these are pretty? You should see the stars in [where he lives], this is nothing."

So where was I going with this? Mostly I was wondering what I miss out on, being a city-girl and all. Yeah, there are benefits to where I love: mostly, urban dreams-type chillin', great shopping, sky scrapers, crowds...the usual. But things it would appear I'm missing out on - stars, barn parties (I'm not joking. Talk about countryside.) and long walks with my dog...maybe even the ol' village atmosphere, who knows?

Extrapolating a vague moral out of this: there are good things everywhere and no matter where you get born and end up being, there's beauty everywhere you look. Are we happy?

P.S. Speaking of long walks with Little D, I happen to have pulled most of the small of my back and I can't move and IT HURTS :(

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Nahl said...

Aww, I hope your back gets better real soon!
Can't wait to hear more from you. :)