Tuesday, 18 August 2009

So many people,


Take The Street, for example. By which I mean the TV programme. People SUCK THIS STUFF UP. THROUGH A STRAW.
And yeah, its beautiful. Gritty. Inspiring. Well choreographed, excellently scripted, cutting edge drama.

It's also incredibly boring and ridiculously depressing, but I'm the only person who notices this, because like I say, everyone loves it.

But it's so predictable. The writer (Jimmy McGovern?) has taken people's *expectations* of a realistic drama and served them up on a plate, which is naturally a ratings winner. But it's not REAL, it's cheesy. This week, Timothy Spall's character, a kind-hearted man who wouldn't hurt a fly, sleeps with Ruth Jones behind his wife's back. And then, at his wife's subsequent funeral (yep, the shock of finding out LITERALLY killed her) he delivered a speech so empowering and touching that everyone stood up and applauded him.

Don't they just ALWAYS come up with an inspiring speech?

The plot was pretty weak, the characterisation is off, but because it has the tagline of a "gritty drama" that's okay. It can make all the mistakes a TV program never should, but no-one notices.

Except me, gosh, just call me the messiah. Bob the poet, bob the prophet, i'm bob the builder!

Hmm, where did I start with this? Oh yeah, boring people. Aren't they just?


Emma x

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