Saturday, 29 August 2009

I think I need a hug.

The alternate title for this blog? Something along the lines of fuck fuck fuckity fuck.

But a) that would be over-swearing and b) I gave myself a few seconds so my thoughts would clarify.

So I've actually decided that it would bore anybody who tried to read this thing, so I'm skipping the emotional outpouring. Trust me when I say to the average human being, it bore you until all your senses failed.

Let's talk about something else! The Time Travelers Wife!
(Note that I spelt it the American way. I'm not happy about it, but that's how they spelt it in the film, so...)

Yeah, I went to see the film today. I have two points about it:


It was a damn clever plot. I'd imagine the writers got a bit of a headache trying to keep a hold on all the many time strings. Plus they took on that bugger, time travel. Admittedly they didn't really explain the whole "I can't change things" concept very well - I think an example would have shown it better, but at least there weren't any plot holes or headaches on the whole "changing things" thing.

And now I've confused everyone, let's move on to this more ranty point:


I was hideously, ridiculously bored during most of this film. They basically skipped over all of their relationship, all of the juicy parts, for a really rapid hyperjump through time...they spanned something like 40 years in one film! There's no way you can go in depth like that, so you couldn't really *feel* their relationship. So it wasn't *that* sad when (spoiler! highlight to read.) Henry died at the end. Although I maybe had a little tear. I cry at everything.

Okay, overall? I'd give it like, a 5/10. Kudos for the effort.

Over and out xxx

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