Friday, 21 August 2009

A Conversation Between Nerds

Background: my friends and I all take a subject called Computing, which is basically computer programming. We all pretty much hate it, but it's kind of invaded our brains... oh and there weren't really 6 friends in the conflab. I just can't remember who said what.

So basically, != is programmy speak for not equal to, and in the language we use you end every statement ends in a semi-colon. Thus,

a != b;

would mean a is not equal to b (which totally wouldn't make sense, but whatever)


Friend 1:Y'know, I totally ended a sentence with a semi-colon the other day.
Friend 2: Omg, I do that all the time! I look up and I'm, punctuation fail.
Friend 3: I keep using not equals, you know *miming* the exclamation and the equals. Everyone just thinks I'm saying REALLY EQUALS.
Friend 4: Yeah like, OMG THIS EQUALS! But really, that doesn't make sense because the ! comes *before* the =, not the other way round.
Friend 5: Fools.
Friend 6: You guys know I have no idea what you're talking about, right?

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