Friday, 21 August 2009

Because my job is so fricking exciting,

A list of interesting names (and possible lives) I've found. These are all kids, so I'm probably breaching some sort of law, but really? Who cares.

FIRST OFF, a celebrity!
Yup, who'da thunk it? On the reading challenge books is a guy called Max Beesley.
I know, I got pretty excited when I saw it too.

Needless to say, the real Max Beesley is not a part of the reading challenge. Our Max is 8 years old, and ginger. But hey, I still found it quite exciting.

Tallulah Ace

'scuse the pic. I couldn't find a 6 year old spy.

Nope, not a celebrity this time. With a name like Tallulah Ace, this kid's GOTTA be a spy. I'm convinced of it. Of course at the tender age of 6 she'd be MI5's youngest ever recruit. But yeah, the gal's a hotshot agent, bound to be.

Ruby Jean Carr
Gosh I'm cruel. But hey, the search terms "ugly waitress" didn't come up with much.

Name less interesting, this time. Backstory still fully functional. Ruby Jean Carr, as far as I'm concerned, is a Scouser. She works in a caff, and has red hair, chain smokes and has a son called Stevie.

Miss Storm Farmer

No pic for this one, I can't even IMAGINE what the kid is like. But with a name like that, she's clearly from another planet, maybe one where she organises the weather for a living. And she's got silver hair and a black catsuit and I just described Storm from X-Men, didn't I?

Fine, whatever.

There were lots more interesting things about Miss Storm Farmer, but I won't publish them here. Data protection and whatnot. Eitherhow, she sounds like one cool cat, huh?

Okay, a leetle picture, just for the hell:

Right, one more, and I truly have NOTHING to say about this:

Roodi Levi Leslie Gent.

Sir, I salute you.

That's all for now, g'night folks.

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