Sunday, 16 January 2011

Several Questions

See? I am ringing you up on my bananaphone. My questions are that important.

1) Do the links on my blog work for you? When I click on them they link me to the "Create A Post" page. I don't want this. 

2)  To what extent should the responsibility for anti-Semitism and its consequences lie with prominent individuals in Germany in the period 1848 -1945?

3) Are there any techno-wizards in house? I tried to make a vlog yesterday but I couldn't find a way of uploading it without my internet dying a prolonged and painful death.

You don't really have to answer the second question. Thanks :) 

1 comment:

The Vintage Kitten said...

1. Yes links work for me

3. Cant help you there because Im hopeless

2. I really wanted to answer this but gotta phone is ringing!!!