Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Last week in review.

So far, so good :) you like vlogs, eh? Cool. More of that when I get time then. In the meantime, here are some meaningless pictures of the things I did last week. Because last week I did LOTS, and I didn't really have enough time to blog it all :(

(I filmed the video weeks ago, by the way. It just took me ages to work out how to upload it.)

The week started off quite slowly...I painted my nails on Monday night...as you do...

You already know I made cupcakes on Tuesday!

What you don't know about Tuesday is that I had ZERO lessons.
And on Wednesday, I had HALF A LESSON.
And on Thursday, I had ONE LESSON.
And on Friday, I had ONE LESSON.
Four days, two and a half lessons. My life is probably quite excellent. except that I will probably fail ALL my exams, because my teachers are always off gallivanting places. Heh.

Whilst I also had time to kill, I finally got round to counting the coppers in my copper jar (after about a year.) 

£27.32, for your information. Mildly depressing considering how heavy it is.

The whole no-lesson thing turned out pretty well though, because I've had dance shows Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Imagine doing 3 hours driving practice, an 8 hour shift at work, and then a 4 hour dance show.

I have never been so tired in my life. Anyway, here are some pose-y type photos I took in my room because my friend hasn't uploaded the real ones yet.

We wore masks for one dance (a lyrical type thing...to a mix of Parachute by our Chezza and Try by Nelly Furtado.)

And for the other one...


 To She Said (Plan B) and Gramophonedzie...mixed...awesome dance.

And so endeth my last show ever :( The more I move along with this year,the more I seem to be saying goodbye to stuff. I got a tiny bit emotional when I was leaving the stage. Partly because dude, I was seriously knackered, and you know how some people get really emotional when they're tired? I am one of those people. 

Just because, y'know, I've been dancing with them since I was like, 7. I've gone through fat stages, dodgy fringes, confidence crises, moments of JOY, all with that same familiar presence every Wednesday evening.

Leaving is going to be SO strange. I'm sticking around till my last exam in September but still, the show is a big part of Learning Curves. It's weird to think I'll never perform on that stage again.

That's all I really have to say. Oh, except by Saturday at about midnight I was so run-down I ended up with a rotten flipping cold and now it's turned into a cough, and what some customer on Saturday called "the perpetual sniff."

Sigh, this has been a post. Sorry for a "this is my boring life" ramble.


Jen in the Purple Pants said...

That mask is so cool!! Ughh I hate exams but I'm sure you'll do great!!

JeanneS said...

felt the same when i had to leave my dance team. though it was much more easy for me since i had started getting bored :P
anyway, your blog is really nice, are you a vlogger too? :D

PS: couldn't help it but follow you :D

JeanneS said...

did i just write much more easy?
gosh, much easier :D

Thekla said...

nice photos dear:)x


Marg said...

I love the photo's!! I also hate exams... They are horrible... Great post!

Serena said...

Nice blog! I LOVE the sparkly hat.
OH, and the mask :)
The cupcakes look yummy too!!! :D

JeanneS said...

haaaha the moment I red your comment I thought "she is definitely from UK"
and I was right -you see you don't appreciate the things you have around you but you are always nuts about things you can't have. and that's a rule of life :P

I mean, for me Athens is hmmmm nice I guess :/
but LONDON, I've been there before and I am telling you, everything felt so different, the air, the sounds, the smells EVERYTHING. I was so excited I even collected all the receipts I gathered during the shopping days <3

usually I am not that weird.

Magda^_^ said...

Yeeeah exams suck!But the feeling after finishing them is undescribable! And you can't have that without the exams:)
I love you blog girl! And your cupcakes!
Keep it up<3

alabee said...

Love the mask. I wish I could be a dancer!