Monday, 7 May 2012


I know. I'm a bad person who does blanks too often and doesn't properly blog enough.

Thanks as always to Lauren for the blanks!

1.  My bedtime routine includes: saying goodnight to my flatmates, showering, brushing my teeth, watching a few episodes of Buffy or Community, doing a lot of fucking around on the internet, a last minute rush to skim my reading and then, finally, spending much too long trying to fall asleep despite the fact that it's the early hours because MY BODY HATES ME.

Which is okay at the moment because I don't have many early classes so I make up the sleep then. But I have 9AM exams which are going to be VERY interesting.

2.   I am really happy lately. Remember my uber-stressy post from a few months ago? And the random panicky posts that kept popping up? I was in a not-good place. Now I'm in a good place. There is no rhyme or reason behind this. I'm just in a good place.
Even though academically I am STRESSED AS HELL, working two jobs, having twice as much work to do for my modules PLUS exams PLUS suddenly forgetting all the French I know.
But academic pressure is kind of my default after A-Levels so we're all good in that department.

3.  I can't stand milk because I've hated it since I was a little kid. It smells funny, the texture is horrible and it's just a vomity substance in general.

4. My idea of relaxation would be it has to be a foreign holiday, no internet, no TV, no phones, just beaches, books, good food and (optionally) good company. Even if I'm not particularly busy, my mind likes to find things to worry about, and the only time this doesn't happen is when I'm on holiday - a couple of weeks a year I just write-off as "free time" and organise around. Feels good. It's one of the reasons I'm determined to get a good enough job so I can afford these things in the future.

5. If I had an extra $50, I would: I'd like to say something useful...but I'd have to save it for the financially dry months this summer, so I can have good times and do good stuff without hitting the dark depths of my overdraft limit too hard.

6. The best thing about a bloggy friend is: *awkward turtles* I used to have a few regular commenters, but you all seem to have disappeared during my long "it's Freshers and I've been drunk for two weeks straight!" hiatus. It's cool. This blog is boring. It's nice to have an outlet though.

7.  A recipe I've been dying to try is: oh God, so many! When I'm hungry I ward off hunger pangs by googling recipes all the time to try out...most of the time I end up cooking them though! I've been looking up vodka lemon slushie recipes for a while now though. Itching for the weather to get better so I can try them!

And on to Round seems I'm rather wordy this evening! 

1.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is: press the snooze button until it's ten minutes before I have to leave...then leap out of bed, clean my teeth whilst checking my Facebook, get dressed, locate my books and dash off to lectures! On a good day, anyway. If I don't have lectures, I'll get up around lunchtime, brush my teeth, make some lunch and then watch some Buffy. I'm a busy bee.

2.   I can hardly wait for: so many things! My first proper shift at Job 1 on Wednesday. Finishing my exams. The Hay Literature Festival in early June. Introducing my uni friend to my family and my dog when she comes to stay the week after that. My first music festival this summer. Potential cross-country hopping to visit uni friends once we break up. Even Christmas!

3.  The quickest way to my heart is just being nice because there are too many sucky people on the planet.
Also free food would be good.

4. A little known fact about me is that: I'm actually spiderman.

5. The best part about my job is: Erm...I'll let you know when I start it! Having done a couple of training shifts, I can confirm that I'm mostly just not content if I'm not working. SO THERE.

6. Something I just couldn't live without is: My duvet. There's nothing better than snuggling up at the end of a long day...or in the middle of it if you're so inclined.

7.  Something useful that I wish I knew how to do is: sports! I'm rubbish at all of them and it sucks when, say, you're playing frisbee in the park and you can't actually take part because you can neither throw nor catch it. Plus keeping fit would be much easier if I had a sport to play.

RIGHT SO plenty of blanks filled in there! I hope everyone has a delicious week filled with surprises and also plenty of sleep.


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