Sunday, 13 May 2012

Dear Auntie Emma Part Two

Remember ages ago, when I posted about how I attract people having an emotion like a magnet when I'm drunk?'s here if you've forgotten :D

I've pretty much worked out that that's because I ask them but it KEEPS HAPPENING. Last night, I started off with one drunk rambler...which was fine, she talks a lot when we're drunk and she's definitely going through some issues at the moment. And then I spoke with my future housemate. Which is cool except I barely know him...we don't really talk as much as the rest of our house and the main reason he's living with us is because his girlfriend is living in the other house of our group and that could get kind of awk. We had a very long chat about pretty much everything, he cried a lot which is odd because he's the stoic sort.

Turns out we're actually pretty similar people, which kind of explains why we're not friends. But I guess we are friends now.

Also I lost my ID and my campus card and like, 15 quid which is NOT COOL AT ALL.

I'm  unsure where I'm going with this. But it was weird. And there's an update.

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