Saturday, 1 October 2011

C is for...coming close to forgetting because there's so much good TV on today.

But I didn't forget!

(As a side-note, my general reaction to both the finale of Doctor Who and the opener of Merlin is FLAIL ALL IS GOOD. I might do DW for D and Merlin for M and Harry Potter for H and things...would that be cheating?)
Anyhoo! Today is Day 3, which is C and the chore you hate.
I hate nearly all chores.
Let me get this straight for you: I am a very lazy person. If I'm being very honest, it's my biggest character flaw and the thing I loathe the most about myself. (Except maybe the shyness thing, but I digress.) If I know the dishwasher needs loading, I'll ignore it until someone tells me to.


I do like washing up in the winter, with hot soapy sudsy warm water up to my elbows and some healthy elbow grease, but other than that I am essentially chore-useless. It helps that my mom pays my sister £10 a week to clean the house, of course, so I don't really need to.

But er...guys? I'm moving AWAY in a week. On my OWN. Which means I'm gonna have to start doing some cleaning.

Will this move? I hope so.
I'm kind of hoping that moving away will signal a new era for me...that I'm going to become suddenly efficient and grown-up, and empty the bins, and clean as I go, and cook healthy food even though it takes more time.

This may or may not happen, jsyk.

Emma x

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Aoife. said...

Good luck moving out! I'm so good at being lazy, I tend to procrastinate my procrastination with other things to procrastinate with. Bam.