Wednesday, 5 October 2011

F is for fuck the internet. Seriously, fuck it.

I have one word regarding today: wertrfcvghnmkl;AIOyQpHalkjdefgwaljbssdahegqwwa;osai! hasn't actually been that bad, but my internet has been dead all day unless you refresh it 54,000 times. Which, when you're trying to apply to an internship where the deadlines are tomorrow. 

Luckily, thank goodness, I'm back online now. I've sent off my application (it's 15 hours a week, though...I'm a bit worried it'll be too much on top of university studies but fingers crossed!) and now I'm here, once again, to blog your brains out. 

Today is F! For which the inspiring title is "favourite colour."'s purple. So, because i'm really exciting and whatnot, I've made this whole post purple in purple's honour. Also remember when tumblr went purple? That was a really good, important, good day. I only reblogged purple things that day. It was like seeing through purple tinted spectacles.


Also on a completely non-purple related note, I dyed my hair back to bright red today. It feels good.

Thanks everybody,
Emma x


Elly R said...

HEEEEYYYYYYYY, hows things?
Are you ready yet for uni?
Im tired, and sad, because noone likes CH slang and its so hard to not use it :( But on the plus isde my lectures have been really interesting and as yiu can guess from the typos, im typing this in tje dark listening to an hour long video i have to watch for my statistics class called the joy of statistics, SO DULL. oxymoron if ever i heard one. Love you, also i would say im sorry about your internet but we only have cabled broadband and no wifi so i con only use the comp in my room and it sucks :( Love you, xxxx

Amyrose♥Forder said...

I hope you get the internship! I do love purple too :') what is the link to your tumblr? mine is ... I'll follow yours! :)

Thanks for you're lovely comment, it means a lot!